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Relaxed but delicious catering suggestions?

Hi! My fiancee and I are looking for any good, delicious catering suggestions. We like the idea of using a local restaurant or food truck, although the catering can't come from the truck itself (we'd need staff, etc.) Ideally, it'd be a plated meal, but on the less expensive side ($15/person or so). Anyone have suggestions?

Re: Relaxed but delicious catering suggestions?

  • How do you feel about bbq? I know this little piggy catering has decent prices, and it looks delicious. There was another bbq place I tasted at the wedding fair and they were delicious and reasonably priced.
  • Yeah that looks great, thanks for the suggestion. Brasa also seems like a good option.
  • Classic catering is about 14.50 pp for buffet, a few bucks more pp for plated.  I think Famous dave's is reasonable as well
  • We Used BarberQ Kings in Hopkins (or New Hope... I can't Remember!) for our rehearsal dinner and it was both affordable and delicious!
  • Most caterers in the area offer a variety of meal options that'd fit your budget, you've just got to do some searching.  Divine Swine is really good and reasonable, but you need to pay more for the bussing, etc. but it's well worth the extra. 

    The other thing is where your wedding is for recommendations.  It's a lot easier to give you restaurant rec's if they're near where you're having your event...

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  • Thanks everyone. We were very interested in using a place like Brasa, but they may be booked our day already. We're having the wedding at Harriet Island.
  • A lot of food trucks will do plated or buffet instead of out of the truck. I know Gastrotruck, Chef Shack, and Potters Pasties all do. There are others too. Try roaminghunger.com to look at different ones.
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    We're using Town Hall Catering for our wedding. They just started catering in January (they've been a restaurant for years), but we were blown away at our tasting. They have a lot of entrees under $20/person. Our two favorites were $16 each and they come with a salad. You have to add on sides, but for a 175 person wedding with 3 entree choices and including the service fees and table settings, we're coming in under $6000 on food. They can do bar service too if your venue doesn't provide it.
  • We used Gastrotruck and did not do a plated meal, but they have that option. We did use their staff for passed appetizers though. They can arrange any option you're interested in and our guests loved the food.
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