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Engagement Photos

Has anyone done theirs yet? We have ours scheduled for this Thursday and I am so excited...just need to get all my ducks in a row before then lol.

Re: Engagement Photos

  • We have our scheduled for this Sunday, I'm very excited as well, but have no idea what to wear!
  • @beachfitzy I'm having the same problem. Luckily my photographer also does a lot of fashion shoots so she told me just to bring a bunch of options and we will go through them all before we start :)
  • @justjesss Oh I wish mine would pick my outfit! haha, I am going bridesmaid dress shopping (AGAIN) tomorrow so I think I will look for a cute sundress while I'm out since we are going to do a beach shoot. 
  • @beachfitzy oh fun! Good luck shopping :) what are you thinking for bridesmaid dresses?
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    @justjesss I haven't found anything I like but I know what I don't want so that's a start! I don't like strapless, one shouldered, satin, or short. My sister already got her MOH dress, it was a special occasion dress so we got it right away because we loved it here is a pic below. It's a hard color to match so I'm thinking a sand color for the other girls. Hopefully in something lacy. Have you decided what you are doing yet?
  • That's gorgeous! I'm doing it a little different and having all my girls get grey maxi skirts and a white top. Then I will add on a belt or necklace in the blue we are using. My MOH got here (the skirt she picked was so comfy I ordered one too lol)
    FMIL isn't a huge fan because she thinks it will take away from the fancy of my dress. But oh well haha. I told her I would rather the girls be comfortable than formal.
  • What a great idea!  They can use them again, I hate making people buy something they are only going to use once and might not even like!
  • That's my thought as well! I hate people spending money on clothes they don't like just because I say so lol.
    Hope you have fun with pictures today!
  • We had so much fun with pictures!  Did you guys have a good time?  I already have one which is awesome, they put it up on facebook last night right after the photoshoot.  And they said they will do 5-7 more today on facebook and then the full downloadable gallery within 2-3 weeks I can't wait to see them!  Here is the one they put on facebook. 

  • That's awesome! We are supposed to get out online gallery this week. It was such a cool experience. And of course now I am obsessively checking my emails waiting for them to be ready lol
  • Haha!  I would be too!  Thanks!  They told me they would post some on facebook as a preview today and I have checked it about 100 times so far today....
  • No kidding! Our photographer's daughter got married last weekend so she is a little behind schedule she told us. Apparently she usually has them done in a day! I'm going a little crazy lol
  • Wow!  I wish mine were done in a day!  I'm going a bit stir crazy, they did post a few more to facebook which look awesome!
  • @beachfitzy that is one awesome picture!
  • I got mine this week! Hooray! so so so loving them



    Sorry to AW so hard lol
  • Yours came out fantastic!  I got mine too!  They are great, I would post them but I would end up with posting all 100 shots because I can't choose my favorite haha
  • Thanks! It was hard to pick lol. I am still working on which to use for our save the dates. I need to order those soon though so I guess I had better decide fast!
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