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Dress get dirty taking pictures outside B4 wedding?

Getting ready at the cosmopolitan once ready i want to go down to the bellagio fountains and paris to take pictures before the 5pm wedding. My dress has a pretty long train and i have heard walking around outside in vegas your dress can get really dirty. I obviously don't want to take all my pictures holding my train up. Should i bustle the dress before the wedding then unbustle for wedding and rebusle after the wedding? 
Thoughts? also walking from cosmo to bellagio and paris.. easy? or will it be quite a hot treck.. 

Re: Dress get dirty taking pictures outside B4 wedding?

  • What time of day and month of year will this be?  Cosmo to Bellagio to Paris, or any other order, is a lot more walking than you'd think since the path to Paris is going to involve bridges, stairs/elevators, etc.  You can't cross Las Vegas Blvd at street corners in the middle of the strip because it's all gated off to make people use the bridges.  If it's a hot month, it is going to be a sweaty journey.  Even Cosmo to Bellagio fountains is not exactly a straight shot depending on how you leave the buildings.

    Regarding dirt, yes, the sidewalks are dirty.  You could probably get away with not bustling if you hold the train yourself as you walk to keep all parts of the dress off the ground, and then just don't move around a lot when you do set it down for pics.  That will probably get old really quickly if it's a hot month. :-)

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  • I bustled my dress and then unbustled it right before the wedding. It was just fine. I did still have to hold it sometimes just to make sure it didn't get dirty. Wasn't a big deal though :) 
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  • Yes it's May 30th, 2 weeks! so.. right when it's starting to get hot.. yikes. Our photographer is Bently & Wilson, So i will strongly rely on him for best ways to get us from one place to the other since he has done this a million times :)
  • Hi irishvegas, can I ask where you are getting married?  I am also getting ready in the Cosmo and am currently trying to figure out how to get from Cosmo to Bellagio which is where we are getting married...we are in July so I know it will be super hot!!  Hadn't even really thought about the fact that my dress might get dirty before the wedding....trying to think in my head of a rough route to walk while avoiding the groom, or whether just to hop in limo...sorry to hijack your post with my thoughts but I would be interested in what you figure out, 2 weeks away, you must be getting excited! :)

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    I'm planning on just holding mine. Although if I get is bustled, how easy is it to do in between pics? I definitely want the long train in the pics.
  • If you want the long train don't get a bustle and you'll just have to carry it around. It took about 5 mins for mine to be bustled.
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  • I will try to remember to tell you, or if not please message me! and i will tell you what our photographer has us do and let you know! Our wedding is at The Linq with reception back at the cosmo so we will be running to belagio and paris then back to cosmo to then get bussed to The Linq. 
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