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Hi everyone!
I am getting married on August 22 and am very stressed out about the rehearsal dinner! My fiance's parents live out of town and are willing to pay for the rehearsal dinner, but are expecting us to plan it. I already feel overloaded with all that I have to do and can't imagine adding this on to my list. Any tips on how to deal with this? We are not looking to do anything fancy, but would like a nice meal with our wedding party. 

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    I don't think the Flowers board is really the right place for this question but here goes. ;) We had a backyard bbq with our bridal party and out of town family. We catered the bbq and hired someone to man the buffet and manage clean up and set up and breakdown of our table and chair rentals. I ordered fresh flowers from Costco for decor. My H and I supplied the beer and wine. It was simple and perfect and everyone had a great time.

  • I'd say find a restaurant in the vicinity of the rehearsal location that fits within the budget your FILs gave you and that will take care of everything necessary (essentially, food/drink/setup/breakdown).  I've honestly never been to a rehearsal dinner that had any type of decor other than what the restaurant already had (basic white tablecloths, maybe some votive candles).  To me, the rehearsal dinner can be super simple and whatever you want as long as all rehearsal attendees and their SOs are hosted.  I'd look around to find a restaurant that is responsive and used to doing private group functions and will take care of most of the logistics for you.  Unless your FILs are making unreasonable demands, this shouldn't be something to super-stress over.  Keep it simple!  

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    I love @labro's suggestion. The other option is to find a restaurant that does private/group dining. It takes some effort to research places, check them out, and finalize a menu, but once that's done they should take care of all the rest for you. Since your FILs are paying, make sure you're on the same page about budget and who they expect to be invited.
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