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Happy Friday!! (Good morning post!)

YAY! We made it to Friday!

I'm off to San Diego tomorrow (at 5:30 am, yikes!) for my grand parent's memorial service. I get to see some family that couldn't make it to the wedding, so that will be nice.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Re: Happy Friday!! (Good morning post!)

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    I am so glad it's Friday! I slept so good last night because of the rain and I didn't want to get up this morning. I'm going to McD in a few to get a mocha frappe yumm! I think it's my reward for making it all the way to Friday. haha.

    Hope you have a safe trip Brandy! and I hope everyone has a great weekend!
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    Morning! Have safe travels Brandy!

    Holly, now I want some sort of coffee drink but no one's here yet so I can't leave the office un-manned. Fudge.

    Invitations got here yesterday! I love them SO much, our stationer did a FANTASTIC job with the budget we gave her. If anyone is willing to work with someone out of state, I highly recommend Caitrin McAlexander of Thick & Thin in Baltimore. When I can figure out how to take a good pic of all our paper stuff I will post some!

    I'm heading to the beach tonight for some much needed R&R, thank goodness. Much as I love driving all over creation for everyone's wedding (because I know they'll do it for me in October!) it will be fantastic to just go somewhere without an agenda. :)

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

    -- C
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    C- I'll bring you some coffee if you take me to the beach! sounds like a fair trade!

    I hope you have an awesome time at the beach though, where are you going?
    I'm thinking I need to make a day trip to Wilmington 1 more time before the wedding. I need to measure the patio at Halyburton so I can attempt to get some kind of idea of how many string lights I'll need (btw, does anyone know a site with cheap ones?) and I also need to find out how to get a beach access permit so we can just drive all the decorations to our area on the beach that we are getting married, insead of walking it down, it would make the set up/take down so much faster!
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    Good Morning!

    Brandy -  Have a safe flight tomorrow!  What time will it be in Cal if you leave the Carolinas that early? Wowza! =)

    Holly - Sounds like a good treat!  We treated ourselves to Chick-fil-a this morning. Yummmmm!!

    C -  R&R at the beach iis a fabulous way to celebrate the weekend! Have fun!

    Will be a long day for FI and I today...long story short his mom and dad have another couple that they consider their best friends that they have done stuff with over the last 30 years together and the man is dying from a brain tumor and we're heading from CLT to Burlington to see him.  We were going to go on Tuesday next week but they don't think he will make it that long.  Very sad.

    Going to the Melting Pot for dinner tomorrow night with friends...that should be good.  We've never been and neither has one of my other friends and her FI.  Any suggestions?

    Hope everyone has a great Friday and even better weekend!
    Favorite thing about fall...Florida Football!

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    Morning. . .

    Thank Goodness its Friday. I'm not sure how much more of this week I could handle.

    After dealing with insurance from the hospital and them double billing and all that crap, I've had other issues this week and then yesterday my brakes slipped at a stop light and I rolled (no joke. . way under 5mph) into a Hummer of all cars. They're fine. . my car has a giant dent in the hood from where theyre spare tire was ugh. . .

    After that though, I cried, took a nap, then went riding with my neighbor and felt much better for having some 'girl time'. Tonight will be even better too! Dawn and her FI are headed over for Game Night :o)

    *Holds up Cherrios* So heres to an awesome and safe weekend for everyone!! Have fun :o)
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    Happy Friday! Whew...5;30 is super early! Wishing you safe travels.

    DH has today off so we got to sleep in. I would probably still be asleep because we stayed up late watching movies...but I got a call from a company interested in interviewing RTP! Ugh...why can't people in Baltimore want to interview me?

    Anyway, today we are going to get the car title transferred over to MD, & FINALLY get our MD tags & license. This has been a very annoying process & hopefully today will be the end of it. We'll probably spend the rest of the day running errands & getting things organized around the apartment. We're thinking about going to one of the local wineries tomorrow for a tour for a date. I love date nights! :-)

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!
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    [QUOTE] Going to the Melting Pot for dinner tomorrow night with friends...that should be good.  We've never been and neither has one of my other friends and her FI.  Any suggestions? Posted by SassyPants150[/QUOTE]

    Malea, the Melting Pot is amaazzzzinnnggg! I'm honestly not a big fan of the main course, I'm too lazy and I don't feel like cooking my own food. Usually when we go, unless FI is super hungry, we skip that part. My faves are the Spinach and Artichoke cheese fondue, Ceasar Salad (it's so much better than any ceasar I've ever had, and has yummy pine nuts on it) and their flaming turtle chocolate fondue is my fav chocolate. We have had a few different of each, and those remain to be our favs. :o)
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:115Discussion:219bcca9-5fac-4618-ac0d-e8e1cbf5197fPost:4eb493b8-06f4-40d6-bce8-78a9e9fe2194">Re: Happy Friday!! (Good morning post!)</a>:
    [QUOTE]I've had other issues this week and then yesterday my brakes slipped at a stop light and I rolled (no joke. . way under 5mph) into a Hummer of all cars. They're fine. . my car has a giant dent in the hood from where theyre spare tire was ugh.
    Posted by NcsuPsych[/QUOTE]

    Sorry to hear this Beka... that bites a big one!

    Hope everybody has a wonderful week-end!!  as far as me, I am doing the happy dance!  YEAH FRIDAY!!
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  • jennieweaver1jennieweaver1 member
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    whew, so glad it is friday! Ready for the weekend! Although, no sleeping in for me tomorrow, parents are having a HUGE moving sale, so I will be up bright and early to help with that one. Hope everyone's weekends are fun and relaxing!
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    I can't believe the "rolling into the Hummer" story! That really stinks :( And about the Melting Pot.....YUM TO THE MAX.  I love that place.  I like everything there.  The cheese appetizer is amazing.  The milk chocolate/peanut butter dessert is TO DO FOR.  For 2 of my past birthdays, we've gone there in a big group just for dessert, and we get different flavors of chocolate and share.  Have fun! 
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    Oh....I forgot to actually say what I'm up to this weekend.  DH and I are both off today, which is a good thing because we're having a cookout at our house tonight.  We've been working out butts off trying to organize/decorate/clean the house the past few weeks.  Today I have to go grocery shopping for the cookout, hopefully drop off my wedding dress at the dry cleaner's (3 months after the wedding), and finish cleaning the house!
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    Afternoon, all.

    Sounds like we all need the weekend to hurry up and start already.

    Hope everyone has a great one.

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    I actually have like 4 or 5 ziplock bags full of white lights, but I think they are icicle lights. We didn't end up using them (we were going to sting them on the mansion balcony and wrap them with tulle, but because of the threat of rain didn't get the outside part set up). If you are interested, let me know.  (I also have the tulle, too!)

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    Hey Brandy,

    Thank you so much for the offer, I'm looking for lights to go from the building across the patio at Halyburton to the arbor on the other side of the patio, like this:

    So I'm not sure if the icicle lights would work. Thank you though, I really appreciate it!
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