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What did you all do with your engagement photos? I used one for my save the dates but I'm stuck on what to do with the rest. I know we will hang some wedding pics in the house and it's already a gag worthy cluster of pics of us and the dog as it is so I'm not sure I want to hang any of the engagement ones. Also, a book of them seems a little "we love ourselves" if we are going to do one for the wedding pics. So.. just wondering what others did with them.

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Re: Engagement Photos

  • Denise40Denise40 Montgomery County, Tx member
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    Im using them for a photo guestbook. You can blow some up for at the wedding @lovemesomemonster
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  • We weren't going to do engagement photos because we didn't send STDs and we just had the photo for the paper taken with my camera. But then we had a really awesome idea for our invitations so we got them done for that.  The front of our invitation has all the information and then on the back is a photo of us as a zombie bride and groom with the quote "A love this deep won't stay buried."  We had such a blast making the costumes and doing the make-up for them we immediately framed and hung one up.  We're also going to incorporate them with a photo net we're doing at the reception and we're thinking of framing a couple to put on the shelf in the foyer of the ceremony venue.  Probably with distressed frames and cracked glass to keep up the theme.

    As for the rest.  Haven't really thought about that.  Probably just throw them in a little album and keep it on the shelf for a rainy day.
  • tj&cwtj&cw member
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    I made up photo books for our moms. My FI had people take photo's of the proposal so I started the book with those photos and then added the engagement photos. 

    Figuring out how to do something with them for the wedding too

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  • We're just doing a short engagement session as our photographer is including it for free.  I plan on using the best picture as our Christmas card photo.  Otherwise, they'll just hang out on a flash drive I guess... maybe we'll have one up at the wedding by the guest book or something.
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  • We put a couple of ours on our wedding website/social media...made the moms and g-moms photo books as a Mothers' Day present, and printed a few to use as decorations at the wedding. 
  • We used ours for our STDs, used a couple on our wedding website, and made a photo guestbook for our wedding. I also bought cute little frames and gave all of the women in our families a framed picture from our engagement photo session. We also framed a couple for our apartment and I took one to work for in my cube.
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  • Denise40 said:

    Im using them for a photo guestbook. You can blow some up for at the wedding @lovemesomemonster

    I did this same thing with ours. I was actually able to get a free one from Shutterfly!
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