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Should Ring Bearer and Fathers match Groomsmen?

I am trying to figure out the attire for the men in the wedding but am having trouble deciding what to do. The bridesmaids will be in blush pink and I was thinking a dark charcoal grey suit with a vest and tie for the groomsmen. Should the fathers and ring bearer be in the same attire as the groom and his men or should they be a little different (like black)? I am also trying to incorporate light pink into the mix but don't want it to be overwhelming. Any suggestions would be a great help! Thanks!

Re: Should Ring Bearer and Fathers match Groomsmen?

  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    I'd let your FI make these decisions for the ring bearer and the men.
  • I tried but he says that he does not care and wants me to make the decision. Plus he does not really have a good sense of fashion... I am lucky if he goes out of the house without clashing ;-)
  • The fathers get to choose their own attire if they are not in the wedding party. How old is the ringbearer? I would lean towards just letting his parents dress him.
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  • The ring bearer is 5 years old :-)
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    I'd let his parents put his best clothes on him and leave it at that.
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  • If they all want guidance on their attire, I'd suggest having the dads wear black or charcoal suits but with different vests/ties than the groomsmen, and I'd try to get the ring bearer to match the groomsmen as closely as possible.

    But I wouldn't make a fuss over any of it matching exactly, and if any of them do not want guidance, let them wear whatever they want.
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    The fathers should wear whatever they like. 
    Little boys should wear Eton Suits (with short pants), ideally. But places like J.C. Penney usually have good deals on little boys suits.


  • The tuxes we picked out - for the groomsmen, my FI and the fathers will all match except the fathers and FI will be in bow ties and the groomsmen will be in ties. The original plan was to have the ring bearer (4 years old) wear the same tux just mini version - until I found out that the rental cost is JUST the same as the groomsmen... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Hes 1/4 of their size!

    So I called his mother and told her if she wanted to spend the money on the rental that was up to her but I thought it was absurd, she agreed. Our guys are wearing classy black and white no different colors - so she is going to go to burlington and even jc penny to see if she can find him a suit with a vest and bow tie - she said shes almost positive she can find it all for $40 max.. and who is going to care? I am sure youll barely be able to tell - and they are SO CUTE, thats all that matters.

    I say. Let the parents dress the ring bearer - everyones going to be looking at how cute he is anyway not what he is wearing! 
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