aisle decor-petals- scattered vs design

Hi Knotties,

Trying to decide on my aisle decor. I know i want petals but i don't know if i want a scroll design or if i want them scattered covering the whole aisle. Keep in mind we will have eight lanterns lining the aisle as well as 8 mason jar arrangements hanging off the chairs at the end of each row where there isn't a lantern. what is your preference? Scattered or Scroll design 

Re: aisle decor-petals- scattered vs design

  • justsiejustsie member
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    If you're going to have them scattered is going to remain the most consistent. The second ANYONE walks over them they are going to be scattered, so you might not even get to see them any other way before your walk down the aisle. Since you asked, if you are hell bent on having petals, my preference would be just pilled down each side of the asile, that way they are not in the way and do not get bunched up under your dress if you have a long dress. 
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    Scattered. I'm sure the scroll design will be pretty for a few photos but it will get ruined when everyone walks down the aisle.

  • Are you keeping people out of the aisle before the processional? If not, then I would just do scattered, because they're all going to end up scattered anyway.

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