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I'm looking for current up to date information. I want to book a ceremony at the valley of fire, and I've seen some websites, but I want a great photographer and have not been blown away by the pictures they offer. Plus I would want my own flowers etc. Has anyone planned something out there on their own? I'm thinking even a wedding coordinator can assist more and make it more personalized then the packages. Scenic las vegas won't allow extra photographers and/or guests shoot, so that's a deal breaker. Suggestions, ideas is appreciated!


  • You might try one of the local independent officiants to preside over your ceremony.  If you don't like the local photographers you can always consider bringing someone from your own city.

    VoF, like other state parks, does require permits and so forth to use their grounds for weddings.

  • Rev Roland ( does a LOT of ceremonies there; he could probably give you some guidance even if you didn't use him.

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  • Rev Roland is AMAZING!
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