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I'd like to know how important it is to "bond" with your photographer. I met with a photographer whose prices are reasonable and does amazing work and his reviews are all 5 stars. My only concern is the meeting was a little awkward. He was nice and polite but very quiet and he seemed nervous. I'm afraid I won't feel completely comfortable with him and it'll effect the pictures. Can anyone give me some advice? Maybe setting up another meeting, contacting brides who have worked with him in the past, etc?

Re: Photographers Personality

  • You could always schedule an engagement session or a mini session with him to see if things are more relaxed and you guys click better then! 

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    I think a bond is decently important but not my be-all end-all requirement. The first time we met with ours he was very nice and we shared some common background - went to the same college. But it was not like I wanted to hang out with him as a friend and grab lunch. Very nice and professional but also a bit quiet. I think sometimes photographers just are people that are a bit more comfortable behind the camera.

    However, we hired him because his pictures were AMAZING. He owns his own company and his wife does the editing. Both him and her were there for our engagement photos and it was awesome. Both were very professional but she was just more of a talker. So while he kind of scouted and looked at shots she would be talking to us and keeping us engaged. This all made both my FI and I less nervous. Plus them being married they had a cool dynamic and made us relax.

    I agree with the PP that if you can schedule an engagement session you can figure out if you can work with them or not.
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