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Wow, Have I Learned.

By reading and participating in some discussions here I have learned about a lot of things people do for their weddings. I didn't even know what a Honeyfund or a Stag and Doe party was.Never heard the term "cover the plate". Never heard of people actually putting in writing "cash gifts only". 
As a very young bride in 1982 my Mom threw me a big bridal shower and on the invitations it said "Wishing Well included". This meant guests were invited to bring a small unwrapped household gift like a can opener, dish towels, cleaning supplies, a recipe with some ingredients, canned goods etc. It was a common thing where I grew up because usually young women went from their parents house to their new home with their new husband and had none of those things already. At my wedding reception we did have a "Dollar Dance". Women paid a dollar to dance with the groom and men paid a dollar to dance with the bride.... my Dad initiated the dollar dance at my reception and again back then it was so common. I remember all my cousins doing it at their weddings. Another thing I saw was a "Money Tree".. on a table at the reception was an artificial small tree and people would pin money to it. Usually small bills like $1 and $5. 
I haven't seen any of these in years and it's understanding why they're frowned upon and considered tacky.
I'm getting married next week. I made it clear to my daughters who are my BMs, no parties, no shower. My fiance and I live together, we didn't register anywhere. We weren't going to have a rehearsal but I found out we can use our venue the day before, no charge. So we planned a simple rehearsal and knotties here helped me know to invite SOs and families and we're having pizza, beer, wine and soda. We also haven't planned a honeymoon yet... we put our current funds towards the wedding and we'll get away for a weekend or some other trip we can afford later. 
I haven't been perfect throughout this planning process but I feel pretty good not getting caught up in some of these tacky traps. I hope my guests and my new husband and I have a great time next Saturday. 
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Re: Wow, Have I Learned.

  • Glad you found useful advice here, and congrats on your upcoming wedding!
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    Congrats on your upcoming wedding.   It sounds prefect.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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    lyndausvi said:
    Congrats on your upcoming wedding.   It sounds prefect.

    Ditto this- congratulations and enjoy your etiquette filled wedding :)

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    Congrats! Sounds lovely! 
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