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Place cards-- Help

I have normal name cards for our guests, but I have to put something of the card that shows the catering staff what that guest has ordered.  My sister had small ribbon roses that were really cute, unfortunately they are little out of my price range (by the time I get all that I need) and they don't have my colors.  My colors are Yellow and Gray, and I have a vintage country themed wedding. I would love some ideas on what I could do!!!

Thank you!!!!

Re: Place cards-- Help

  • Our RD then later on DD's First Communion caterer had everything color coded so we had to use those colors for whichever item the guest selected.  Do not over-think this!!!  Just go to Walmart or Michael's and get colored jewel dot stickers  or color coordinated to the options type sticker from the scrapbooking department and use those.  They're cheap and get the job done for a large number of guests while making the place cards look nice.  Otherwise, just print the place cards color coordinated for the meal item or for that matter write the meal option right on the card. "Sandy Soil (Beef)"  "Barb Wire (Chicken)"
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  • If you aren't getting them printed, then I would look for a sticker or stamp you could put in the upper corner to designate meal selection. 
  • ejmwiejmwi member
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    Find a few stamps that match your theme- or grab different floral motifs. 
    Stamp each card to match the food selection- Red rose stamp= beef, Yellow daisy= chicken, etc

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