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Kate Spade Home Goods Reviews

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So my FI and I are registering at Bed Bath & Beyond and we are completely in love with a certain set of Kate Spade stoneware dishes. Since they are so expensive (and I know I will be partially paying for the name) I am curious to know how her items have held up. I have not seen this style or anything similar anywhere else, so I don't have an alternative option at this point. I don't mind the price as long as they hold up. 

There is only 1 review online and the person has only washed them once. I am more curious about the quality over time. Obviously, if I am paying or "asking" people to pay this much I want to know that they are going to last! What have been your experiences with the Kate Spade collection from Bed Bath & Beyond. (dishes, kitchen towels, etc)

Thanks in advance :) 

ETA: I've read in other threads that the Fair Harbor set scratches very easily. It is made of stoneware too, but I don't know if just that set scratched or it is a stoneware quality in general. Also, the set I am looking at is the color "slate" so I don't know if the dark scratches everyone spoke of would show up on that or not. 

Re: Kate Spade Home Goods Reviews

  • Sorry I cannot help you on the dishes.

    I did buy the Kate Spade towels about 1.5 years ago from Bed Bath & Beyond. They have not held up at all for me. One of the washcloths completely threaded and is no longer usable. Needless to say I would not buy again. I would hope/think that the dishes would do better but just wanted to chime in and say not everything in the Kate Spade brand is up to par.

    Good luck!
  • @aliwis000 thank you! I was also looking at the towels too so that is very helpful! 

  • @kittykyat I cant tell you about those plates. My fiancé and I are registered at bed bath and beyond too. We picked the noritake dishes. They are stoneware. We absolutely love them. Just thought I would let you know

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  • @ohiobride78 thank you! I'm hoping that it was just a fluke somehow with that specific design/collection and I am glad to know that it is not a stoneware quality in general. I appreciate your input! 

  • We don't have kate spade, but a friend of mine got some as her china set a few years ago. She's really disappointed - she said the quality is bad and she wouldn't get it again.

  • @southernbelle0915 ahh good to know. I'm thinking I may order 1 single plate now and use it for the almost year we have left until the wedding and seeing how it holds up and if it does then ill have an extra plate in case one breaks, and if not then I'm only out 15 bucks vs 8 entire sets. I appreciate the input! 

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    It's my understanding that stoneware in general doesn't hold up as well as other materials like porcelain or china.
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    als1982 said:
    It's my understanding that stoneware in general doesn't hold up as well as other materials like porcelain or china.
    I agree. It is the nature of stoneware to get knife marks more easily. It is also easier to chip stoneware than porcelain or china. I have had a couple of stoneware sets and have had these problems. I now have porcelain. No problems whatsoever.
  • You probably need to look up the manufacturer of her items. I know her China is with either Wedgewood or Lenox so if that isn't wearing well, it could be the manufacturer.

    Remember that there are going to be different washing and care instructions for each kind of dish too. Some may not tolerate the dishwasher (most China shouldn't go in there) and the towels could have some ridiculous setting like gentle cycle only.
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