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So I have created an invitation on Published. We want something simple but still formal. Is the wording acceptable for an invitation? Should I make it more formal? Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

Edit: typo on invite.

Re: DIY Wedding Invitation

  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    You might get more help with wording on the Invitations Board ( 
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    I'm glad I noticed your post.  I don't usually hang out on the DIY board.

    A wedding invitation has to clearly state who, what, when and where.  Your wording fails on the "who".  You need your full names on your invitation.  It also fails on the "what".  Nowhere in the text do you invite anyone to anything.  This is an announcement, not an invitation.
    The most important thing in wording a wedding invitation is who is hosting your wedding.  It appears that the two of you are hosting your wedding yourselves.  Is this correct?  If so, then this wording is rude because you are inviting people to a party (wedding) being given in your own honor.  This is a no--no.
    Only the first word, and then proper nouns should be capitalized.

    Here is an example of traditional wording IF you are hosting your own wedding:

    The pleasure of your company is requested  (This is the invitation line)
    at the marriage of                                        (What)
    Bride's Full Name                                        (Who)
    Groom's Full Name
    Sunday, the fourth of September                   (When)
    two thousand sixteen
    at five o'clock  (This is afternoon, not evening.)
    The Name Hotel
    Street Address                                            (Where)
    Indianapolis, Indiana

    Reception to follow

    This is as brief and informative as possible.  Isn't it a little early to be printing your invitations?  Things can change over a 15 month time period.
  • Wow. Thanks. Guess that answers my questions :) And we aren't printing anytime soon. Just want to get the ideas flowing and get feedback. I will reword the invite.
  • Not a fan of the names being off to the side; it makes it look like the numerical date is getting married.
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  • alhaley88alhaley88 member
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    Thanks for your suggestions.
  • With the above suggestions, I do love the simplicity of it.
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