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Friends eloped... don't know what to get them!

DH and I are friends with a fabulous couple that we just adore. They became engaged shortly after we did, but never really started planning their wedding in earnest, although they talked about it a lot. They just let us know they eloped. We're so happy for them, and I want to get them a gift. They did so much for us when we got married - bought us a really generous gift off our registry, came to all our pre-wedding events, gave us words of encouragement the whole way, planned a surprise for us at our reception - and we want to do the same for them. 

They don't have a registry, and they already have a lovely home together. I am at a loss for what to get them. DH thinks we should wait to get them something until they have their reception (i.e. PPD) later, but I'm skeptical they will ever actually have one. I guess his thinking is that they'd have a registry by then. (I know, I know.) 

But f that. I want to get them something now. And I am a loser who can't function without a registry, especially for such an established couple. I also don't want to just get them a bottle of wine, because they spent so much time and money on us when we got married late last year. 

Ugh... I"m at such a loss!

Re: Friends eloped... don't know what to get them!

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    Money is always nice.
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  • Get them an experience.  A gift certificate for a night at a local B&B.  Theater tickets or a season subscription to a local theater so they can pick the shows/tickets themselves.  A certificate for an upscale restaurant they wouldn't ordinarily go to on a regular date night (make sure to include enough for them to get dessert and a bottle of wine).  Tickets for a scenic dinner cruise if you live near any lakes or rivers that offer these.  A helicopter or hot air balloon tour.  Season pass for a local museum. 
  • Cash is always a good gift.
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  • Thanks guys! We ended up going in a different direction and getting them a molcajete. We tried to rack our brains for something we could give them that would stay around, and realized they always make us homemade salsa and guacamole when we are over at their home, and now they have something fancy to make and serve it in. They seemed to really like it! 
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