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Bachelorette Party that requires swimming skills... rude?

Because we are terrible people and went ahead with this anyway, so my question at this point is pretty much just hypothetical. 

I and three of my best friends are all bridesmaids for our other best friend. We are planning her bachelorette party, and decided on doing a river trip. The place we are renting boats from has a mandatory "all boaters must be able to swim rule" for obvious reasons. We all know how to swim, and the bride was super jazzed about the idea when we asked her about it. We sent out the invites to her 20-person guest list, and included a note that in order to get on a boat, you must be able to swim. 

Is this super rude? Should we have checked with everyone first before deciding on this activity? We (as in, us BMs) don't know most of the other girls the bride asked us to invite. I think they are all her cousins and coworkers. 

The party isn't ONLY boating... we also are having dinner afterwards, at a certain place at a certain time, and figured maybe people who were not into the boating could just meet us there if they wanted. That is, if they weren't already annoyed about being invited to boating bachelorette party in the first place...

Re: Bachelorette Party that requires swimming skills... rude?

  • No.  It's not rude.

    It would have been rude if the bride or one of your fellow co-hosts couldn't swim and you just kept on planning the party anyway.  Or if the party consisted of fewer people and you knew most of them couldn't swim.  But you're not obligated to find out if all the guests invited are totally on board with the activity beforehand.  If they can't swim or don't like boating, they can decline the invitation.  Would it have been extra super courteous for you to check with the guestlist that they can swim beforehand?  Sure.  But sometimes doing that is more of a headache than a help.
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    I don't think it's rude. It's not required that everyone accept the invitation. Even if anyone does who can't swim, they could still join you later, or if the boat rental will allow them to wear life jackets on the boat, you can do that.
  • Wait!  What do they mean by "be able to swim"?  Because I can't swim.  But I go to pools all the time, doggy-paddle my way into the deep end, grab a water noodle, lounge my way around to the sunny side of the pool.  I've been water-skiing in lakes, boogie boarding in the ocean, and white water rafting in rivers.  You can push me into a pool and while I'll be pissed as all hell at you for doing it, I won't drown.  But if someone asks if I can swim, I can't.  I jump into the water holding my nose.  I can't do a proper swim stroke to save my life (well, maybe backstroke).  In short, I don't understand the rule.
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