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Williams-Sonoma Registry Experience

I felt compelled to post this after the horrible experience we had with our registry at Williams-Sonoma. We went to the store to register and should've figured out not to register there, since to start off with the sales associate was rude and acted like we were annoying him that we wanted to register there. He handed us an iPhone to scan items with, which was password protected and kept going dark and then he would have to log us back into it. We wanted a bunch of Le Creuset items, which was why I wanted to register there in the first place. None of them would scan with the iPhone. The associate offered that he could manually add them for us but it would be easier if we just added them online. We felt irritated when we left, but registered none the less. 

We received lots of really beautifully wrapped gifts, they do a really nice job with the wrapping. After the wedding we ended up with a kind of mixed bag of stuff, and didn't get one of the really expensive grill pan we wanted. So thinking like a normal person we took the items back to the store. The sales associate acted like we were insane for bringing them to the store and asked if no one had told us to mail them back to the catalog. Obviously not or we wouldn't have drug them into the mall! So he said he could do us a favor and mail them back for us, but he didn't seem happy about it. Then he informed us that we have to wait on them to mail us a store credit, which takes 14 business days. It really makes no sense to me, and I told him that we had been disappointed with our experience registering there. He didn't seem concerned, since he said nothing after I made that statement. We had to wait a while for him to put the gifts back into the system, and while we waited we overheard he and another associate having a good laugh over how mad we were. 

Now 2 weeks later we received our store credits, a separate one for each item returned, and we had to pay return shipping and taxes on each item. 

So I would not recommend to any bride to register here. It's more expensive than every other store, and you certainly aren't paying for the luxury of better customer service. Macy's and BB&B both carry almost all the same products and offer much better experiences. 

Re: Williams-Sonoma Registry Experience

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    It sounds like you had a bad single experience honestly.

    We registered at Williams Sonoma and had zero issues. We were issued a more traditional registry gun to scan items, not an iPhone.

    We received some duplicate items that we had to return. The returns process was easy, and yes, with ONLINE ONLY store items, they do have to be shipped back and you will receive a returned item credit in the mail. We had to do this too but we weren't asked to pay the tax or shipping...that just sounds very off to me, unless you're saying you expected to receive the taxes and shipping included in the credit? Which you shouldn't, your gift credit is for the total value of the item purchased, you don't get refunded for whatever the gift giver paid in tax or shipping. We received our gift card for the returned items very promptly and used it to buy the remaining items on our registry.

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