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Does anyone know where I can buy these wine bottles?

Hi everyone! I saw these personalized wine bottles on Pinterest and on I don't know how it works exactly but I'm trying to find these on a normal website that I can actually order them from. Does anyone know if I can actually order these exact bottles with the exact labels and just send in the pictures so they can make the bottle for me? Or is this something I have to do myself? If so, how do I get the sticker labels made up exactly how the ones are on these bottles? I don't know what company does this. The picture is attached. Thank you so much!image

Re: Does anyone know where I can buy these wine bottles?

  • If you saw these on Etsy, that's where you should order them from.

    You likely can't buy the actual wine from them, just the labels to stick onto your own bottles. It's just inkjet label paper.

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    It's probably just the labels that you order. I doubt anyone is selling the actual wine in the bottle. 

    I searched the picture and found it on Etsy. And yes, it's just the label that's being sold. So, my suggestion is to order the labels and stick them on your own bottles. 

  • I made some of these all on my own. Office supply stores often sell adhesive printer paper and it's super easy to use Paint or Photoshop to create a label. I liked doing it this way, because I was able to make each label personal to my relationship with each girl. 

    For instance, my childhood best friend and I used to be obsessed with "Friends" so I made a label with our picture in the famous yellow "Friends" photo frame. It read: "The One Where Jen Gets Married. Will You Be My Bridesmaid?"
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    I did this for my Bridesmaids and ordered the bottles from Cooper's Hawk
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  • Staples carries the adhesive labels for these.
  • We used these to make Christmas gifts one year. Pretty straighforward. The work, really, is in removing the labels from some bottles. 
  • Ditto what others said, they have the labels at staples. I found them way over priced in the Oriental Weddings magazine too.
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