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Iowa "Black Tie" Definition

Hi ladies! I've recently been invited to a wedding in Southeastern Iowa. On the invitation, it was mentioned that this wedding is a "Black Tie Affair".

To me, black tie means tuxes and ballgowns, however my MIL insists that black tie means something different in Iowa. Her exact words were somewhere along the lines of "black tie in Iowa just means no jeans and dress nice".

So I'd love to hear your input. Is Iowa black tie really something different than standard black tie?

Thank you in advance!

Re: Iowa "Black Tie" Definition

  • Unfortunately, I think too many people put "Black Tie" without actually knowing what it actually requires.  It's not specifically an Iowa thing.

    What type of venue is the wedding/reception?  Do you know anyone else going that you might be able to get an opinion from?

    If I was close enough to the couple I'd probably just ask them.
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