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Alternative Wedding Dress...ADVICE PLEASE!!!

Hi everyone!

My fiance and I are having a whimsical, colorful, casual wedding in April. I absolutely love the idea of tulle because it has that whimsical and it’s lightweight. I do NOT want to be weighed down by some heavy gown (I like to dance!). I really don’t feel comfortable spending a fortune on a gown so I’ve been looking on Etsy and preowned wedding dress sites to see if I can find something affordable yet beautiful. I’m thinking of putting together a dress, so I guess it’s a bit of a DIY project, although I will probably have a skilled seamstress do it. I found this skirt on Etsy and the top on an online boutique site. I feel that my best features are my waist and shoulders. Just some background on body shape…I am pretty curvy and I would say I’m in between pear-shaped and hourglassed shape, around 125lbs and 5’4″. Please, please, please I need some advice! Is this a good idea considering my body frame? Am I crazy for putting together a wedding dress on my own rather than buying a professinally designed gown? Thank you in advance!!

Re: Alternative Wedding Dress...ADVICE PLEASE!!!

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