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August 2015 weight loss partner?

Hi everyone! 

I've seen a couple of these posts going around. I'd love to find an accountability partner. I'm getting married on August 29, 2015 and would like to lose around 20 lbs before my wedding. Ideally, I would lose most of that before my dress arrives in late March/early April. Let me know if you have similar goals! I'd love to chat :)

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Re: August 2015 weight loss partner?

  • Hi, wedding date twin!

    I am also looking to lose a few pounds before my fitting in March, although my goals are more body fat related since I currently do a lot of strength training/conditioning and lifting. I have fallen off the cardio wagon since I hate doing it but need to add it back in to my routine.

    Any other August brides out there? Maybe we could start a thread?  
  • I am getting married in August and hoping to lose another 5-10lbs before my dress gets here in May-June! More I am looking to tone my arms and back so I look smokin hot :)
  • I'm an August bride and looking to shed about 10-15 lbs before June for my fitting. I bought a sample gown and it was pretty close but a little tight in the hips when I tried it on in August of 2014. Gotta shrink and tighten!  I'm in a Bride-to-Be Fitness group on FB if you want to join in there. Small group of gals, we do weigh ins about once a week and share food and workout tips. If not, no biggie. Let me know if there's a thread starting!
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  • @faithdevilsbee‌ what is the group called?? I would be interested! I am starting Ashley Conrads 21 day clutch today.
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  • Hi Girls!!

    I am also getting married August 29th and would love some support as I would like to lose about 15lbs before my Key West Bachelorette in June!


  • Hi everyone, I am an August 22nd bride. My ideal would be to lose about 25 lbs, but I bought my dress already so I may need to keep it closer to 15 lbs by my first fitting in June. I've already lost 8 and want to keep the trend going!
  • Hi! We are getting married in August as well. I don't want to set unrealistic expectations for myself as I have a really difficult time getting weight off. However I wouldn't mind losing my pizza belly :) 25 lbs would be amazing, but I wouldn't even know where to begin!

    What has everyone else been doing to get in shape? I am trying to figure out some kind of routine that works best with my busy schedule. Also cold and gloomy weather really isn't helping with my motivation. BOO!!!!



  • I'm getting married Sept 4 and would love weight loss tips too! I had my first fitting last Friday and was told I should lose a couple inches around my hips. Since then I have started watching my calories and trying to get into running.

  • Oh my lord i wish i saw this in December! My wedding is in August also! i'm doing this 21 Day Fix program, has anyone had any success with these fast pace workouts? Let me know what has been working for y'all! 
  • I've done a round of 21 day Fix.  Stick with it and it totally works.  I haven't finished a ful round in a while but I've done on and off workouts the past couple of months and I'm still slowly losing weight.  I started doing pushups- because... why not! It's the one part of Upper fix that I can't do without modifying.  So it's been just over a week since I've started and now I can do 5 regular pushups.  I started with modified pushups and now I'm going to do elevated pushups.  I totally feel the soreness in my abs- so I guess I'm doing it right?  

    I have 5 months till the wedding and I don't want to lose the weight really fast and then have to try to keep that weight off, so I'm taking it slowly- but the weight loss and inches lost from the first round made a huge difference!
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