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Any info on Moon Palace Jamaica Grande??

Hi all. My fiancee and I are considering booking a destination wedding at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande sometime in the first or second quarter of next year. We understand that it has yet to open and has had some delays however the virtual tour looks beautiful and people are beginning to book it out for weddings.

Has anyone heard anything about this property, or been to any of the Palace resorts in Mexico? We appreciate any info! 

Re: Any info on Moon Palace Jamaica Grande??

  • The Palace resorts are pretty awesome. I've been to one in Cancun, one in Playa del Carmen, and the one on Cozumel many times. Their food and service are hard to beat. Not sure what to tell you about the new one in Jamaica. It's a good location, but with the delays, I'd also be a bit nervous. 
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  • I just got back from my own destination wedding at the Beach Palace in Cancun. We've also stayed, during a vacation a few years ago, at the Moon Palace in Cancun. I could give you lots of insight! Let me know if you want it, or more specifically, what questions you want answered about a destination wedding with the Palace Resorts :)
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