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vineyards in MA or NH

hi everyone! i just got engaged a few weeks ago and am starting to research venues. my fiance and i are big wine lovers so i thought it would be perfect to look at local vineyards. does anybody have suggestions or experience with vineyards in MA or NH?

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  • I'm getting married at Zorvino's in September and its absolutely amazing. I think the wine is personal choice, some of their wines - the fruit ones - aren't too good, but the regular ones are really good, like the chardonnay and merlot :) I heard from someone local (I live in NH) that there is one opening this summer in Amherst NH so you might want to check into it!
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  • Hi there!  I love the fact that brides are having weddings at vineyards!  Who doesn't love to go to a Vineyard wedding?

    IMy company, Word Couture (www.wordcouture) makes personalized/monogrammed wine bottle lanterns.  Many brides have used them as centerpieces or bar decor for their receptions.  A little about our company:
    In 2010 we discovered "our idea" when we saw the gorgeous wine bottles that were being thrown out at our local wine bar--right along with the trash!  When we did more research, we found out that most restaurants, bars and vineyards do not recycle their used wine bottles.  Such a shame!  Some of these bottles are just absolutely gorgeous and, we felt, should be upcycled in some way.

    So our creative juices began flowing.  We noticed that the real beauty of the bottle was seen when illuminated by a candle. So, how would we get the candle inside? Or better yet, underneath it? After a lot of research (and trial and error) we found a wonderful way to remove the bottoms of the bottles so we could put the candles underneath.

    We didn't stop there.  We decided that everyone loves personalization and that was how we were going to make our lanterns even more unique.  We use a special computer program, a professional vinyl cutter and commercial grade permanent vinyl to design monograms or even short sayings and… voila!  Our idea was now a wonderful product.

    Since then, we have been mentioned in many blogs including Glamour Magazine and were also lucky enough to be featured in the March 2011 edition of Brides Magazine.  We have to say, they really look amazing on a table at an event!  Good for the environment and a beautiful product….it’s been a dream come true.

    We're excited about our business and the fact that we can create something so beautiful from something that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. 

    Take a look at our site and let us know if you would like further information!

    Thank you,

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