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Rehersal Dinner - Evites vs Paper Invites

Is there anything wrong with sending an evite for rehersal dinner?  I am starting to put togther our invites now and figured i would start to look at rehersal dinner invites at the same time.  But I have been to a few lately that were evites sent.  Is there a right way or wrong way to do this?

Re: Rehersal Dinner - Evites vs Paper Invites

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    How large is your RD going to be?  How formal?  Is it just wedding party members, their SOs and immediate family (parents and siblings)?  If so a simple email will work just fine.

    But if it is larger and a more formal thing I would go with paper invites.

    FWIW we had a nice RD with just wedding party members, their SOs and immediate family.  We gave all the information via word of mouth and in an email I sent to the wedding party people that provided information not only about the rehearsal but about the day of the wedding too.

  • It will just me our wedding party (and SO), our parents, and who ever is reading.  So I think I will go the evite way because it will save me more time.  Just need to review with FMIL because she is hosting it and see if that is ok with her.  As it will come from her.
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    If she's hosting, I'd let her be the one to decide how the invitations should be issued.

    When I was with my now ex-BF, we did start talking about getting married. I wouldn't have expected his mother (a widow) to throw a rehearsal dinner for us, but had she done so, she'd have definitely preferred paper invitations regardless of how formal or big it was, because she didn't have an Internet connection in her house. She was one of those Luddites who was afraid of it and didn't understand how to use it.
  •  So we did paper invites for the rehersal dinner. I did simpl diy cards that I could run through my printer. My thing is that I know my bridal party, they can be forgetful at times. So to have something on their fridge to remind them of the rehersal date & time was very helpful. Also only one person in the bridal party had ever been to the church where the ceremony was at. So having a paper invite made it easy for them to grab it & go to their car & enter the info into their GPS for directions. We also had some OOT guests that were invited to the dinner portion so this gave them a simple way to access the location information. Because have you ever had the moment where you are like"just a minute, I can't find that email...scroll scroll scrolll"


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    I'm not sure if this is against etiquette or not, but we didn't send out invites to the rehearsal.   A few weeks before the wedding, I emailed out a timeline of the wedding. I listed the rehearsal time/location and dinner time/location on the timeline.

    We informed other guests personally over the phone (readers/OOT guests)  We had about 20 people and it worked out fine.   If anyone had questions regarding location/confirming the time, they just texted or called us.  It wasn't a big deal. 
  • We sent an evite; easy peasy. 

    If we had done a super formal dinner inviting all OOT guests and at a really nice restaurant then I would say do a formal invitation.

  • I spoke to my FMIL this passed weekend and she was all good with evites.  Now lets hope she likes the place I picked for her to host it at (she lives in a different area from where the ceremony is so she gave me free range here).  This will be here before I know it.
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