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help finding teal flats!

Any recommendations for teal flats would be most appreciated!  I’m pretty open to any shade of teal or maybe even a mint green.  My feet are on the smaller side, so I usually wear a 5.5 in women's but could maybe wear a 6 in a brand that runs on the smaller side.  I would also consider children's shoes in a 3.5 if they don't look too little girlie.  I will be wearing them outside, so I think a leather or leather-like material would probably be best, something I can just wipe off if they get a bit wet or muddy rather than satin.  Style wise I could also do a dressy sandal or maybe a small wedge instead of totally flat, but I want to be able to walk on grass easily, so I would prefer not to have a heel.  Rounded toed shoes usually look better on me than pointed toes.  If they are a simpler style, I can decorate them up with shoe clips.  Thank you so much!  I’ve spent forever searching, and am hoping for some fresh ideas!

Re: help finding teal flats!

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