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Maggianos reception

I'm having my reception at Maggianos for approximately 30 people. If anyone else has had there reception here or thinking of have you taken centre pieces with you? I'm thinking of candles and some rose petals so it's not to much to take. Just wondered about what any of you have done/thinking of. Also with regards to food options any particular recommendations? Thanks x

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  • I just attended a wedding last week which had the reception at Maggiano's for about 30 people. The bride and groom had centerpieces already set up there--they were simple rose arrangements in vases. They decided on a family-style dinner which came with a appetizers/salad, a few entrees (pasta alfredo, salmon, beef), and a couple of desserts in addition to their wedding cake. This was cool because we were able to order more of whatever we wanted. 

    The open bar was pretty weak, though--totally watered down their drinks. I had 8 rum and cokes in a period of 2.5 hours and didn't even have a buzz.
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    I just had my reception there and had Pam from The Palette create simple centerpieces of flowers for my tables. Beyond table placecards and candles, that was the extent of my reception. On the other hand, my guests took full advantage of the open bar with positive reviews. It may depend on who the exact bartender was, but ours had a heavy hand and even gave "shots" on the rocks for our guests to enjoy. The catering manager said she had never seen a wedding party utilize the open bar like we did. :)

    I also did the cocktail reception package- but only because I didn't want a sit down dinner. For a three hour reception, it was perfect. My guests loved all the shrimp dishes, the crab cakes, and the chicken pinwheels (I forgot the exact name). It was the perfect amount of food. 
  • Thank you so much for all the information. I'm a uk bride so have not been to Maggianos before but have been to Vegas many times! This is all great help. We're doing sit down meal. Trm358 did you just put an iPod in the room with you? Did you go elsewhere following your reception? Sorry for all the questions trying to get an idea if needed for afterwards! Thanks
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