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 I got married last year on 10/10/10.  I had a wedding planner to help me with my wedding.  I knew her since we were in elementary school. I thought i was in good hands.  I got my photographer through her.  its been just a little over six months since my wedding and i haven't received my pictures. I've called my wedding planner a few time to follow up but she isn't returning my calls.  I sent her an email and she never replied.  I would really like to get my pictures. Any ideas on how to get them?

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    What does your contract say about them?
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    Have you actually contacted the photographer, or just your wedding planner? If you haven't, I would first try to contact the photographer to see what's going on. Six months is definitely an excessive amount of time to not even see proofs.

    Also, ditto PP about looking at your contract. Best of luck!
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    I didn't get a contract with the photographer. I know that is dumb. The wedding planner made it seem so easy I kept asking her about it. i wanted to see the contract and she said we'll get it next. week and time went by and never got it.  So I don't have the photographers info. I told the wedding planner to give me her info so that i could get the pictures.  but she never got back to me and isn't returning any of my calls and/or emails.  I don't want to file a cliam but i feel like i have no other choice. 
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    WOW!  I'd contact the BBB on both the planner and the photographer... especially the photographer for not providing a contract!!  Did you sign anything with either about the photography?  When and if you get your images, if not, you pretty much would have carte blanc for anything with them, since the photographer didn't express his or her copyright information.  Vendors like this infuriate me.  I'm very sorry to hear you're going through this:(
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