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Really long walk?

So my honey and I just went to look at our venue all set up (for someone else, it was gorgeous) and finally decided on our ceremony site.  It's beautiful, A nice field behind the B&B we're staying at, the owners mow out a large section for seating and a walk path, there's beautiful tall trees and a creek that runs behind.  My only unsure feeling is that its a good walk from the B&B to the alter ( maybe 100 yards? I'm not good with distance).  It really only bugs me cause I don't want people staring at me the whole way from the B&B to the beginning of the aisle, it just seems like it would be long and awkward, but theres also no where to really "start" from, its an open field.  Thoughts?

Re: Really long walk?

  • You have several options. Set up a divider/screen close to the start of the aisle to hide behind while the processional is taking place. Arrive in some sort of conveyance (golf cart, horse-drawn carriage, whatever--my SIL got married outside at a lake and rode with her dad in his truck, since the parking lot happened to be adjacent to the ceremony space. But he did step on her train in helping her out, oops!) Or just walk down with the bridal party. They'll be in front of you and that way people won't be staring until it's your turn to walk.
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    100 yards is the length of a football field. That's way too long/awkward for a processional. 

    Is the concern that people will see you and you don't want them to? If not, then start wherever you want. If so, then you could set up a small tent with sides or some other panel to the side by the trees. Or you could ask how the B&B owners feel about vehicles on their property and have a car pull up and let you out. I've seen the horse drawn carriage thing... very romantic. It waited for the B&G and then they both got in after the ceremony. It was cute, but no idea if that's an option for you.

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