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As we come up on the 6-months-til-wedding mark, is anyone else getting as stressed as I am? I've been holding it together pretty well but realizing that we are almost at the 6 month mark has me stressed. I have no idea how everything is going to come together and I kinda find myself wishing that I just booked at one of those one-stop-shop wedding venues that handles everything for you! lol. Instead, I'm handling all these pieces myself.. Still have lots of stuff to book and things to figure out and of course, a budget that I'm way over.. haha. Anyway, I just needed to vent. Hope y'all are doing better than I am!! 


  • I've gone through plenty of moments like that!  I'm actually going through one right now!! I know everything will come together but I feel like I'm just stressed about where the money is going to come from.  I've often thought about a one stop shop or getaway wedding as well :)  You're not alone!
  • I haven't had any full-on meltdown moments yet, but hearing someone say that isn't only 6 MONTHS away is crazy and I hadn't really thought of it like that yet (for some reason). But it's okay - I just keep reminding myself that's what checklists are for :)

    I'm also an Event Manager at a large hotel company and know how fast it all goes (I've done a lot of weddings so I almost feel like I've already been married 100x myself), and I'm just trying to enjoy it... because I'm only gonna do this once. So if I start getting to wigged out about something, I just stop and come back to it later when I'm invested and happy to do it at that moment.
  • I KNOW! I feel like I had all the big stuff planned in the first month and now I'm struggeling with the finishing touches and small stuff. ahh! so many to-do lists! I tried to be a DIY bride and I'm not crafty enough!
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  • I am having a similar feeling. I have all of the major things done, but need to finalize all of the small things now. I also need to sit down and write out any DIY projects I had planned and get going on them!
  • I'm starting to get stressed. We haven't sent out our STD's yet (they came in before we went on vacation at the end of February, and have just been sitting there since...), haven't booked a DJ yet (we had one lined up, then we dropped the ball--again... vacation laziness), and are STILL going back and forth on our guest list (like, will it be a huge tragedy if we decide not to invite this relative or that childhood friend?). Meanwhile, our friend who offered to do our flowers as a gift is kind of backing out, so there's one expense we weren't counting on, and we asked a friend to be our officiant and now I'm getting cold feet about that. And don't even ASK me about cake.

    I just want to be married already.
  • Definitely starting to feel it, definitely worrying about money, definitely wishing we were already married. However this is also when the fun stuff begins and it all starts becoming real! I had a long engagement so I feel like now it's apripriate to really get excited about everything. Focus on the positives!

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  • Absolutely- I haven't bought my dress yet, and it's seriously getting down to crunch time! I've been to so many bridal salons and tried on so many different dresses that they're all starting to meld together! I'm not even really sure of exactly what kind of gown I'm looking for anymore! I'm going tomorrow for what I hope to be the final time and hoping to make a decision by the end of this weekend. Positive vibes to all of the rest of you! It is a really stressful time!
  • MY MOH BAILED.... yesterday... 4 months before the wedding..

    I have bent over backwards to help her out (non wedding related), I know she is always too busy for her own good.. but she was asked 8 months ago to be my MOH, and I am having them pick out a dress just had 3 requirements, color, length, and where to get it. after the other 3 picked a satin dress I added that we should go with satin. there were dresses from $50-$300, I even offered to buy it for her.. when I asked I let her know that i am not putting pressure on her to plan and be host to any of the extra parties. she did offer, and I said that is fine if you want, and had 3 other people willing to help her at the drop of a hat. (one offered her house to have the shower, 2 others said to her on multiple occasions if she needs anything let them know, and listed what they could do, or offer)..

    I am at a loss, this isn't about the wedding anymore, it is a friendship that is ruined that I truly valued, being ruined..

    but life goes on, I am deciding if I can get someone (i met after I had decided who was going to be in the wedding) that could step in on short notice. or just deal with him having 4 and me having 3..

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  • I am like, stupidly stressed, stressed and I don't even realize it until I am crying for no reason, pissed at anything and going back and forth between not wanting to eat anything at all and wanting to eat anything and everything in site. Definitely feeling more stressed about the little decisions and all of the logistical coordination instead of the big money choices we made at the beginning of the process. 
    I have to remind myself to focus on one thing at a time instead of looking at alllll of the [email protected] I have to do collectively. Next is printing the invites and assembling them and sending them. God help meeeeee.
  • Oh and plus also this is so out of character for me...so I am feeling super foreign emotions. I am typically very patient and lately I have kind of a short fuse. Still trying to be kind to my loved ones...
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