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Rental House That Allows Events?

Hi all,

Does anyone have recommendations for a rental that would allow us to host our welcome party and/or day-after brunch? Most of the rentals I find have a strict no-parties rule. We are looking at probably 60 people.


Re: Rental House That Allows Events?

  • Did you end up finding anywhere?  I'm looking for the same thing!  I know that Race and Religious will let you hold other events around the wedding, but they won't really work for my purposes.
  • I'm not 100% sure, but I think this place allows events:

    The Kerelec House also allows events and has lodging:

    Finally there is Fleur de Lis Mansion:

    Not exactly rental homes, but they are guest houses.  Also, if you do a rehearsal dinner somewhere (ie, the Royal House) and you extend the party later for more guests as a welcome party, they give you a much more discounted rate.

    Hope this helps a little!  


  • GeauxWed, thank you so much!  I'm going to check them all out :)
  • Sorry for the delay, but yes, I did find a spot on homeaway. Just filter by "allows events" and double check with the owner. I was able to find a spot in the garden district only 2 blocks from my venue. Good luck!
  • We have rented the entire Henry Howard House Inn in the Garden District (1 block south of St Charles ave so very convenient to street cars too) for our guests to stay for our wedding next month. We are also having them cater our rehearsal dinner there at the house and I believe that you can rent the space just for parties even if you're not staying there.  It's a beautiful, huge house built in the 1800s and has a really nice little courtyard patio area, front porch etc.  It just has so much charm!!  www.henryhowardhouseinn.com.  The contact is John and he seems very friendly and accomodating so far (though I've heard very mixed opinions of him) so crossing our fingers it all goes smoothly as he promises.  Good luck!
  • Oh, I should mention too... we wanted our rehearsal dinner to be open to ALL guests since everyone is coming in from out of state which is why we opted for a catered house party and so we are expecting 40-60 people and though there may not be seating for everyone, they had no issues with those numbers.
  • Steakfete would you mind sharing that Homeaway link with us please.
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