Wedding Night Hotel - Hershey PA

I am looking for a nice place for my FH & I to stay on our wedding night – and maybe even the night after that. We are getting married in Hershey PA in October. I don’t really want to stay in the same hotel as our guests. Also, I’ve already checked out the Hershey Hotel & it’s out of our $$. 

Any suggestions?!

Re: Wedding Night Hotel - Hershey PA

  • Ugh, everything I looked into around Hershey was expensive. We ended up going with the Holiday Inn. 
  • We stayed at a bed and breakfast in Ephrata.  Breakfast the next morning was a wonderful touch and it was only $100 for the night - and they upgraded us when they found out it was our wedding night. Ephrata isn't all that close but maybe there's a nice B&B in Hershey you could try! That was our first go at a B&B and now we're totally hooked.
  • We actually ended up booking the Red Umbrella B&B, just outside of Hershey. It is beautiful - we are so excited! Great price too!
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