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Unsure about my Jewelry now...

So I had initially seen this really pretty pearl bead and chain-mail bracelet and it was easy to make and I really liked the look of it. I then decided to make a necklace and earrings to match and loved them so I decided I was going to wear these for my wedding. My dress has a lot going on in the bodice (see below) so I liked that these were simple and I hadn't thought too much about it until lately when I looked at them again I'm just not sure I like them or that they even go with my dress. Here are pictures of my dress and the jewelry. Can you guys be honest and give me some opinions as to if these are ok for bridal jewelry or should I look for something new? If something new any suggestions (DIY or to buy)?

Thanks :)

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Re: Unsure about my Jewelry now...

  • While I really like the jewelry, I'm not sure it goes with your dress. It's got a much more modern look than your dress, and the dress is so dramatic with the black and white that I'm not sure the light blue pearls are quite right. I would use a more ornate base to make some chandelier earrings with jet and pearl beads. I might make a bracelet to match as well, but I would skip the necklace; the farther the jewelry is from that bodice, the less it will compete.

    I'd use the set you already made for any pre-wedding parties, the honeymoon, etc. They're really pretty, and I'd consider them bridal-appropriate for a more modern looking dress, but not with yours.
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  • wandajune6wandajune6 Chicago-ish member
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    I agree with @lachattefatale. I started to respond earlier but realized that, while I didn't love the look together, I couldn't quite put a finger on why. She's right- they seem to be very different styles.

    Both are lovely though!
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  • Stop second-guessing yourself!  There's a reason you liked them enough to make, try them on with your dress and if you still don't like them, then change it out (you've got time)...  If I was going to style it I'd say a simple spaghetti string black necklace with just a drop-pearl-type (they've got an oblong odd-shape looking white pearly stone I've seen places) pendant (super easy to make as well)... BUT, if you like the jewelry with the dress, leave it!

    I was lucky in that DH purchased a necklace for me to wear so that is something else to factor is if you plan on getting eachother a gift (I got him a nice tie tack and cufflinks). 

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  • Thank you all, I was having trouble putting my finger on the issue too, I just felt like something wasn't right. I do still like them but I think you're right and they just don't match the style.

    The lighting is kind of crappy in both pictures I guess, the accents on my dress are actually hunter green and the pearl beads are white.

    lachattefataleMesmrEwe. I don't think that will take away from the dress much if any.

    Luckily I do have time to fix this. I will still wear my jewelry as I do like it a lot, just for other events. 
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  • Oooh. Totally could not tell about the green/black or white/blue. A couple of malachite beads with some pearls on the earrings might be perfect. Something like these, but with malachite instead of the clear beads.

    I'm still in favor of no necklace. Having your hair up will show off the earrings, but that bodice really needs to steal the show on your chest. But if you do wear a necklace, keeping it very simple would be the way to go, yes.
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  • You have a lot of ornate detail in your dress.  Try your dress with simple jewelry. I think your jewelry, albeit lovely has too much going on to match with your dress.  Trust your gut.  If you don't like the way it looks, don't settle. 
  • lachattefatale ooh I love those! Thank you very much again. I'll probably bring a simple necklace and decide on the day if I end up wearing it. If it looks fine without it then I'll let it go without! 
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  • What about just the earrings and changing the necklace into a bracelet?
  • It does seem a little much for the dress (which is stunning, btw). A simple thin necklace or even no necklace would probably look best. If you skip the necklace, you can go a little more detailed with the earrings. 
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