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Does anyone have any good experience with a hair and make-up person who will come to me

I need a hair and make-up person who will travel to me on the day of my wedding.
Has anyone talked to and or used any of the hair and make-up vendors that advertise on the KNOT?


  • This might be a better question for your local board, this is an international board. @hellohkb can you help?
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    Thanks @TrixieJess!

    @Knottie1434460475 Where are you located? It's extremely difficult for us to give you recommendations because you never even mentioned what country you live in. Many of us are all over the US but some of us are in Canada and all over the world. Let me know what country or state (if you're in the US) so I can move this to your local boards.

    I'd also suggest joining local Facebook wedding groups. It's how I found my amazing makeup artist who will travel to me with no extra fee. Ask friends who have been married, look on Yellowpages or Yelp too.

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