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Has anyone had this wine?

A month or so back, I was at the store and saw a wine that caught my eye...because it's blue!

It's called Blanc de Bleu and it is a sparkling white wine with a hint of blueberry. I of course want to try it (and would have if my dad had been willing to buy it, which he wasn't because he said it looked gross, or if I had had money on me at the time, which I didn't)...but if it's good, I was thinking about using it for our toast at the wedding since our colors are going to be blue (turquoise) and purple.

Here's more info on it: http://www.blancdebleu.com/

Re: Has anyone had this wine?

  • I would never pick a wine based on wedding colors. Only pick a wine because it's delicious and goes with the food your serving...not because it's a certain color or the label matches your font or whatever.

  • I won't use it if it's not good, but totally will if it is.
  • Only way to find out is to buy a bottle and try it. But check with your venue first to make sure ok to bring in. We wanted to bring in some of our favorite wines from local wineries but our venue said that their liquor license didn't allow for that, we would have had to gone through the venue who would have had to contact the wineries to place orders through them. Which then meant the price of the wine would have been increased quiet a bit.
  • The reception venue I want allows you to bring in your own wine as long as you pay their per bottle corking fee.
  • particuliersylpheparticuliersylphe My heart belongs to Baltimore. member
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    I want to know how it is blue. I guess the blueberry skins? Since the grape skins are what make reds and whites, red and white. As a wine professional I am curious about this from a "what makes it what" stand point. 
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  • photokittyphotokitty where I want to be mod
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    So I went out and bought some...bc who doesn't need blue bubbles???

    It's not bad. Hard to explain. DH says it is sugary sweet. But I found it to have some bite after the initial blueberry sweetness. It's beautiful. It was on sale for $17 from $23 at giant eagle.
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

  • I'll defintely have to try it! Thanks!!
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