Bridesmaid gifts??

Re: Bridesmaid gifts??


    What's your price range?  You can get some cute jewelry on that side.  I think personalized travel pouches are a great idea filled with handmade scents, soap, etc.
  • I did alex and ani bracelets for all my maids i had 7, i kept it all the same and got them all there birthstone which no one had. i spent around 200 on all the gifts and the place i got it from gives out gift bags with the purchase so all i had to do was buy some tissue paper from the dollar store.

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    Eve's Addiction. Great sterling silver jewelry, tons of personalization and on the cheaper end! They actually ship out of Old Saybrook so you can get it quickly.

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  • Pay for their makeup!
  • Pay for their makeup!
    That's a gift for the bride - not the bridesmaids. 
  • I did a Kate spade bracelet for each girl, as well as completely individualized gifts - 
    MOH : loves to drink- A set of etched "Mischief Managed" and I solemnly swear I am up to no good" rocks glasses, a set of nice sandstone coasters, and a bottle of vodka
    BM: loves Ice cream, and will soon be moving out of her parents house to go away for grad school - a set of gorgeous ice cream bowls and a gift certificate to the ice cream shop we always went to as kids
    BM: loves to travel and drink - A travel journal by listography, a kate spade luggage tag, and a travel Gin and Tonic kit

    all the girls LOVED their gifts - I've never seen people more excited. It meant so much to them that I bought things with their personalities in mind, instead of matchy matchy things they'll never use. 

    Shop as if it's their birthday.

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