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Nevada-Las Vegas

We Eloped! 3/15 Vendor Reviews

Hi Everyone!
I'd first like to thank everyone on this board for posting such helpful information, it made planning our Vegas wedding much easier! We actually eloped, just the two of us, but I'm hoping I can still provide some helpful information to others who may be doing something similar. 

Just a little background. We got engaged last summer and had been planning to get married on April 8th, still in Vegas, but with about 10-15 guests. In January, literally the day I sent out our invitations, my mom called to tell me that my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. We live about 1500 miles from my parents so made a quick trip back east to see him and it was clear they wouldn't be making it to the wedding, so we cancelled and plan to use the 2 weeks off from work to go back and visit in a couple weeks. Following this, we tried to figure out when and where we could possibly have this wedding.  Then one weekend I guess my husband was sick of me stressing about it and suggested we just elope in Vegas, something we had wanted to do originally anyway. SO, on March 1st I contacted vendors and booked a new wedding date TWO WEEKS OUT. 

Flamingo (Ceremony) - A+
Iliana had been my coordinator and allowed me to transfer my original deposit to my new date with no penalties. The ceremony was at the Chapel Falls, which is amazing for eloping or very small ceremonies. It's in the middle of the gardens near the chapel and it's VERY private. We pretty much forgot we were in Vegas. We had a different day of coordinator, whose name escapes me but everyone was extremely nice and accommodating. We had our 16 weeks old great Pyrenees puppy with us and they let us bring her anywhere, including in the chapel, and they offered us water for her and anything else we needed. These people were so nice that they didn't even bat an eye when our puppy dug a huge hole in the garden...in fact they found it pretty entertaining. The only complaint I have for the ceremony was that the officiant never asked us what type of ceremony we wanted and so he ended up doing a prayer during the ceremony and neither of us is the least bit religious. We just shrugged it off though, at least our grandmas will be happy about it. :) 

Flamingo (Hotel) - B-
We hadn't originally planned to stay at the Flamingo, but since we changed our plans and were bringing the puppy, we needed somewhere pet friendly and it was just convenient. Our room, to be honest, wasn't the greatest as it wasn't one of the updated rooms but we didn't want something too nice as we knew our pup would likely destroy the place. Also, the housekeeping was just horrible. We only stayed 3 nights but housekeeping never came to our room even though we never put up the DND sign and we didn't opt out because of the dog. We had to call down for towels and toilet paper, which isn't a big deal to us, but it took HOURS to get to us. The redeeming part of our stay was that we had booked a standard room and were upgraded to a mini suite at check-in for no added cost! 

Harmony Tapia (Hair & Makeup) - A+
I had originally booked Harmony for my April date and she also transferred my deposit with no added fee. She was incredible. She was very friendly and outgoing which really put me at ease since I'm not used to getting hair and makeup done. Both ended up looking perfect, exactly what I had described. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. 

Bently and Wilson (Photography) - A+
Todd was amazing! We had booked him 2 weeks out and I guess we lucked out with him being available. We had him for 4 hours and he was incredible. My husband and I aren't very outgoing people and we really appreciated the direction he gave us and how at ease he made us feel. I haven't gotten the pictures back yet, but he showed us a couple that he took during our strip tour and they looked incredible. Also, I really appreciated how he got really into taking pictures of our puppy which I can't wait to see! You won't regret using him! 

Presidential Limo - A
We did a 2 hour strip tour with them and our driver did a good job. They showed up in the Flamingo entrance at exactly the time we booked them at and he called me when he got there. We weren't completely sure where we wanted to go so Todd took control and told the driver exactly where to go. If anyone is interested this is what we did in the 2 hours starting at the Flamingo:
Stop 1 - Mandalay Bay
Stop 2 - Vegas Sign
Stop 3 - Hangover Lot
Stop 4 - Bellagio Fountains
Stop 5 - Venetian 
I have to throw in that the champagne they give you is pretty gross, but perfect to use for shaking and spraying in the hangover lot. My husband and I were both soaked but it was hilarious!

We had a really amazing time and want to thank everyone again for all of their helpful posts. If anyone has any questions I would love to answer! 


Re: We Eloped! 3/15 Vendor Reviews

  • I am so sorry about your father's diagnoses, vegasbride. It must have been very difficult for you to process this news. I hope that the outlook is a positive one and that you are able to enjoy the time that you spend with him during your two weeks home.

    Your reviews are very much appreciated, and I'm happy that everything went smoothly. I can't wait to see your pictures with your dog! Congratulations on your marriage!
  • Sounds like you made the best of a not so good situation. Congrats and thank you so much for sharing! I can't wait to go to the hangover lot :) 
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  • Thank you for your reviews! My dad passed away late last year and he won't ever get the chance to see me get married. So I know how hard it must be for you.

    I had a couple of questions for you
    - Your strip tour sounds awesome and sounds like you got a lot done. Was this in the nighttime or the daytime? Weekday or weekend?

    - What is this hangover lot everyone keeps speaking about???
  • What photos did you have at Mandalay and Venetian?
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  • Thank you everyone! 

    Adverb - I'm so sorry to hear that. It was hard to imagine having the wedding without him while still having other family and friends there so we decided eloping was right for us. 

    Our strip tour was from 6pm-8pm which ended up being perfect as the pictures at the beginning were complete daylight and by the time we were at the Bellagio/Venetian it was dark. This was on a Sunday night. 

    hmgiffor - At Mandalay we did pictures by the waterfall and bridge as well as in front of the large arch. We hadn't planned to stop there but Todd recommended it and it was beautiful. At the Venetian we had pictures all over the place outside, but our favorite were by the canal with the gondolas going by. 

    We just got our pictures in the mail today so I'll try to attach a few. 
  • Cute pictures! You two (three) look great! ;)
  • Your day sounded absolutely wonderful, even if it wasn't exactly what you initially planned. And the photos are gorgeous!
  •  Enjoy your time with your family.  Thank you for sharing.  Your pictures are wonderful. 
  • Congratulations! Your photos are beautiful. I love the Venetian one. And I love your dress!
  • I LOVE that you took your puppy with you, don't think I've ever seen a dog at a Vegas wedding before! She is just the cutest :) Congrats on your wedding and thanks for sharing!
  • @vegasbride8888 Congrats on your wedding. We are eloping as well and coming from Canada. The big day is coming up April 22.

    Sorry to hear about your father. I'm sure he will be happy to see your pictures.

    I love that your puppy was part of your wedding. So cute!!

    After being together for over 11 years and being engaged for over 3 years, we finally got hitched!
  • Love your pictures! And that you took your pup :-) congratulations!
  • Love the pictures!  Glad you were able to make the most of a difficult situation.
  • Great photos. That is the only thing I regret, not doing the strip tour. I'm sure your father will enjoy the wedding photos.
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  • I am so happy that you had a great time. Thank you for the reviews, it just down on me that the hangover lot was in reference to the movie. I am totally excited about the limo ride.
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