Wedding Woes


I need inspiration for next week. I feel like I'm in a rut of grill a meat and veg and call it done and I'm bored.

Tonight we're having jerk pork with mango slices and red onion mayo sandwiches, French fries, and fruit.

Re: WFD?

  • I'll figure something out when I get home - maybe some sort of wild game sausage sandwich (I think I have boar and venison), veggies from our CSA, and some kind of fruit. We've eaten out the last 2 nights since i didn't feel like cooking. I really need to do a cooking weekend and restock the freezer. 

    I was trying to mix it up last weekend and earlier this week - made pulled pork and pot roast in my crockpots on friday, made leg of lamb on monday (using Bliz's grandma's recipe), did a "no cook" dinner on tuesday (cured meats, veggies, fruit, hummus, nuts, cheeses, bread).

    since it's summer and you have the awesome garden, you could make gazpacho. 

    i made Emeril's gumbo a little while back using a bunch of our CSA veggies and it was fantastic: 

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