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We are having an outdoor reception in a backyard. It is surrounded by brick fencing/walls so we are having a difficult time coming up with decorations that will actually stick. We wanted to drape some fabric and tulle but can't find a solution to hang them.
Anyone have any ideas?

Re: Outdoor Decor

  • There are actually things called brick clips that can hold quite a bit of weight. They grip above and below the brick. Just be sure and check the size of your brick. 
    My mom has a brick wall, and uses these to hang pictures. 
  • That's awesome! Thank you!
  • You could always use some sort of hanging weight and drap it over the edge of the brick. Since it's only needed for one night it might be cheaper than purchasing those hooks. Also maybe lots of balloons on paper weights or tie them to little stones to add some color. Also long strands of lights...lay them alone the brick fencing them maybe lay them on the top.
  • And if you don't have any ideas for the pool yet, you can put battery operated floating candles in there but also make like a 3 ballon bouqet with a very long string using fishing wire because it will hold up to water, secure to a large nut (hardware store) just drop into pool. Unless you plan to allow swimming, then skip this.

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