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Quiet, private location to do first look near Mandalay Bay?

Hello all, 

I am looking for a nice location to do a "first look" before the ceremony. Any ideas? Near Mandalay Bay.
Thank you 

Re: Quiet, private location to do first look near Mandalay Bay?

  • There's actually a hallway and staircase area between Mandalay check-in and the Four Seasons check-in that is good for this, if you don't want to go outside.  Not many people go through that area because they have no reason to.  We did a lot of shots there after our wedding during cocktail hour and saw maybe two people.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

  • Thank you so much! Do you happen to have pictures of that area? I'm from very far north, so I'm not too familiar with Vegas.
  • Sure, PM me your email address and I'll send you a link to some pics.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

  • @vegasgroom is this the area you're talking about?
  • Nope, the area I'm talking about nearly no one uses as the only time anyone would really walk through it is if they're going from Four Seasons to gamble at Mandalay.  It is a very small corridor that is off to the far right end of the Mandalay check-in area, that you would really never notice was there unless you checked in at the very far right station.  It leads to a huge hall and stairs area though, with lots of natural light.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

  • OHHH! Yes! I was supposed to go over there but at that point I was soo done with pictures, lol - It is def a quite spot. Less foot traffic for sure
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