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September 2015 Weddings

Am i crazy??

Of course, 3 months out from my wedding and I change the whole thing up!

we have had he whole wedding plan set for a year now and then bam! I wanna take a honeymoon so my wonderful fiancé can see his family in the Netherlands more quickly. So what do I do?? Change up my plans so we can save money!

First thing on the agenda: change the reception venue. I'm sorry. I love the barn we had, but NOT the venue owner. Connie at Good Tymes Barn in Michigan is the WORST to work with. She's bossy and unforgiving. I tried working with her and it just wasn't happening. Then, when I tried to switch venues, of course she wouldn't give us over half of what we paid back. So...take that loss and suck it up, knowing I would stress over her presence at the most important day of my life or suck up the loss?

Suck up the loss.

We are now having our reception at a state park pavilion and catering ourselves. U have to change the decor as well... I am going nuts over all the things I have to plan in respect to decor right now instead of thinking about what I'll wear, logistics, and...oh yeah...what really matters. My fiancé!!!

Am I totally crazy for switching my reception venue, catering, booze plan, and decoration plan with only 2 months out? Because at this moment, I'm feeling like it... Please, if anyone has tips for throwing a reception at a park pavilion, let me know!!!

Re: Am i crazy??

  • At this point, it doesn't matter if you are totally crazy or not because you made your decision and you did what you thought was best. To help de-stress, going forward, just focus on what you CAN do to make this better. 

      Catering: Do you have a bridal party, close family/friends around? Ask them if they, or family members would be willing to help you make up an easy simple menu and you and your FH can foot the food bill. You know simple things like baked chicken, maybe a type of rice, some cooked veggies, a salad and BAM! Someone can do simple cocktail finger foods, you know get a cheese plate, a veggie platter, a fruit platter and maybe some mini pigs in a blanket and so on. Just make sure you get enough for everyone attending and then a little over. People do Buffet style weddings all the time. The people who help you cook can have a set color to wear and they can be your ushers/ special helpers and a nice little gift/thank you card for them at the wedding will do.

    Cake: You can have your cake, you can do cupcakes, I've seen people do a tower of donuts, cake pops...your wedding, your style do it up. 

    That Connie lady and her venue, REVIEW your contract. If it says that you are supposed to get at least HALF back, then she has to honor that. If she continues to give you the run around, seek legal council and then go forward. YOUR money is YOUR money PERIOD. Especially now that you are trying to save. Imagine how much it could help you. Plus that is unprofessional, bad business and shady as hell on her part. 

    Hope my suggestions help. Tag me if you need anything :) 
  • If there is one thing I would suggest is that you don't have your family/friends make the food.  There are cheap catering options out there...one friend of mine had trays made up at subway and bought veggie/fruit/cheese trays from the local supermarker.  Also, look into the restaurants near you that offer a catering option...that way the food is prepared and can just be set out in buffet style.  Olive Garden, Moes Southwestern, and Subway are a few that are coming to mind.  Olive Garden makes a really nice salad.  All of the ones I have listed are relatively inexpensive.  Good luck!

  • Absolutely echo @varner2b2015-do NOT ask friend's or family to help make or bring food.  Horrible suggestion @chiccobeanz.  There are ways to have a budget friendly wedding without being rude to your guests and treating them like hired help.
    OP-best of luck pulling everything off!
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