Bose speakers at the Waterview?

Finding a dj is my least favorite part of planning this wedding. We just met with one who we found through a friend's recommendation, and we liked him. He told us that at the Waterview we would be much happier with Bose speakers because of the high ceilings and the windows. Does anyone have any experience with weddings with Bose speakers? Are they worth it? Do we need them? Thanks :)

Re: Bose speakers at the Waterview?

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    Bose speakers IMO are the best. Is he charging you more for them? Most of the higher quality DJ's have them or similiar ones. If he is charging extra, I said find someone else that does not charge for them. Who are you using?

    I have heard the Waterview has has issues with 2 events going on & hearing the music from the other party etc. But if you have a quality DJ, you should be fine and have nothing to worry about.

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    We had Bose speakers at our wedding and they're amazing. The sound quality is better, no matter where you are in the room the volume is the same, so there's no fading in the back and you can dance right in front of them without having your eardrums blown out. They also take up a lot less space than traditional speakers so you get more room for dancing.  We did have to pay extra for them ($200... but then we got a $100 discount for paying in cash) and it was totally worth it.
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