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Undergarments.. The mysteries under the dress

So I've only worn my dress for maybe 30 minutes max at one time. During that time I noticed how warm it gets. Add that to the fact that I have some chub rub going on with my thighs and I'm a little concerned. I've looked at spanx as a possibility to help keep my thighs from getting raw by the end of my wedding day but think they would be too much of a pain if I have to use the restroom. Any ideas??

Re: Undergarments.. The mysteries under the dress

  • This is a question I've been thinking about as well.  Plus my wedding is outdoors...  I don't know that I want to add to the heat factor and wear spanx.  I was thinking maybe sprinkling some baby powder on the inside of my thighs...but then again maybe that would result in too much of a mess?  I have no idea either!!  Hopefully some of the other ladies will have some good ideas!
  • I had my first fitting appointment the other day and I was hot as heck in the whole thing. It was the first time I've had my petticoat and dress on together for an extended period. My petticoat is somewhat of a body slimmer so I won't be using spanx or anything but my plan is to use body deodorant and baby powder...just about anywhere I can put it!
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    My dress was hot too. Glad that the bra is going to be built into my dress so that is one less area to get to hot. I have lost weight since I tried the dress on a month ago...so hoping when I go in for the 1st fitting in 3 weeks I will not have to worry about spanks. My wedding is at 10 AM outside and my 3 it will be warm. So it is baby powder and deodorant for me too
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    My slip is a mermaid slip.  And I happen to be quite short (5'2 to be exact) so it has a tendency to push my legs together to the point where if I were wearing a garter, there is no way FH would be able to get it off without a fight! I'm planning on a little baby powder and deodorant as well!

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  • they have chaffing sprays and roll on for runners. I have used it before wearing a sundress in vegas..the rub was bad..i cold have started a fire with that friction. gold bond has a good one..I believe its called gold bond Chaffing defense..
  • NowIamMrsKleinNowIamMrsKlein Cold Canadian North (British Columbia) member
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    Grab some body glide deoderant from a sports store! Runners etc use it against chafing.

    There are also these things called bandelettes    <----clicky   Stop the thigh chafing but doesnt add another layer of fabric so wont get as hot!
  • Thank you for all the suggestions!!
  • @SoonToBeMrsKlein I'm mildly intrigued by the idea of the bandelettes.  Have you ever used them? 
  • Great suggestions!!  If you had to pick what would most likely work best with the least amount of mess would you go with the body glide for runners, chaffing powder such as the gold bond stuff mentioned or baby powder and deodorant? 
  • I've been using the gold bond chafing defense stick stuff this summer when I wear shorts and it's awesome.  You cannot see it at all and it's not messy.  
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  • Great ideas.  I was thinking baby powder also.  My try the chafing stick.  Our wedding is the Friday prior to Labor Day and the ceremony is outside so I'm guessing it will be plenty hot at 5:30 pm still.
  • I am wearing a tea length dress, so I found thigh high toeless stockings so I can still show off my wedding day pedicure in my sandals.  haven't tried it all on yet, final fitting next week, so I guess I'll give it a whirl then.  wedding is second week in september in southern maryland and will probably still be warm (at least I'm hoping so for my outdoor wedding).
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