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Share your beauty secrets!

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Which makeup products have been can't-live-without-'em favorites for your wedding (or wedding events)? 

Tell us about the product and why you love it below! 

Re: Share your beauty secrets!

  • Benefit big easy - it's a liquid to powder BB style cream.

    Also really good to have an excellent powder. My bridesmaid/friend did our makeup and since she sells Younique brand, she used that. Not even joking, it did not budge! Our wedding was Aug 1st and once everyone was dancing, the room got warm. I did sweat but nothing moved! It was a damn miracle haha!
  • thefanciestbecklerthefanciestbeckler Chattanooga, TN member
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    I'm a big Urban Decay girl. Their Eyeshadow Primer Potion is an absolute miracle worker. My eyeshadow never creases or fades when I use that stuff! They also have an awesome vitamin-infused prep spray. Reduces redness, shrinks pores, and absorbs oil without drying your skin out or leaving any residue.

    For foundation, I use BareMinerals. I have always had good luck with their products as well!

  • I LOVE Maybelline's Colossal Chaotic waterproof mascara.  Use it correctly and it looks like you have falsies on!
  • maybelline fit me concealer, smashbox primer, NYX eye primer. Those are my go-tos!
  • NowIAmSypNowIAmSyp East Hanover, NJ member
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    Urban Decay setting spray- mist a few pumps on your face after your makeup is done- it stay put for HOURS.  Love it!
  • Makeup Forever HD Foundation and HD translucent setting powder - it's made to be photographed and looks natural on the skin.

    Urban Decay All Nighter - sets makeup beautifully and locks it in place all night.

  • Great makeup starts with good skin. I swear by my Lancome Gelatee Confort Milky Cleanser. My skin was so dry before using it that it would flake off and when I wore concealer it always looked dry and caked on. They also have a really nice cream primer for your eyes that keeps your eye shadow from creasing or fading. 
  • On the cleanser shelf, my go-to is Biore. The acne scrub gets rid of acne almost overnight, and their cleanser is to DIE for. It is very drying though so I end up having to use a little extra moisturizer for my already-dry skin, but I've found that thanks to it, I've been leaving the house without the need for concealer.

    I'm not much into beauty products, but because I was into selling Mary Kay for a while I have a lot of their products, and I've come to adore their foundations, mascara, and eyeliner, and will be using their products for a majority of my bridal look. To be honest, I've only ever tried Covergirl aside from that (I get very faithful to companies if I like their products and used CG all through high school).
  • I could sit here for hours and talk about makeup (I'm a little obsessed). I'm a huge fan of Tarte and Urban Decay products so some of my go-to's are the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation and Clean Slate Poreless Primer. I also use the clean slate finishing powder too and I love the way it feels. I love the UD eyeshadow potion and the Naked Basics Palettes (1 & 2 are both awesome and I even use a color from 2 when contouring my cheek bones). I also use their setting spray on the daily. Stila's Stay All Day liquid liner pen is a must have, I'm serious when I say it doesn't move. And Benefits new RollerLash mascara is amazing and if you pair it with They're Real your lashes will look insane!! Maybelline Fit Me creamy concealer is comparable to Nars creamy concealer (my pores are slightly larger around my nose and I pair this with two primers and a good foundation and they are invisible!!). I also like the Fit Me Matte and Poreless setting powder. Lately I've been experimenting with Kat Von D products and I'm really liking them. Her ink liner is awesome but for a while it only came in black (I'm fair so I use brown products) and it wasn't waterproof; although I recently saw in ad from Sephora that they are changing that. If so Kat might be giving the Stila a run for its money in my book.

    Sorry for the exhaustive list but like I said I'm a little obsessed. I just really like experimenting with makeup and trying out new products and colors.
  • I did my own makeup for my wedding with help from a savvy bridesmaid, because I hate anything being caked on.  The two standout products for me were Benefit's Brow Zings (made such a difference; I was never an eyebrow-makeup person but now I'm hooked even for everyday looks); and Sephora brand lip stain.  The lip stain was the perfect way to add color to my lips (I went with a berry - not too dark, but definitely noticeable), but without having to maintain it all night.  One application and even after eating and sipping drinks, it stayed on and looked and felt great!
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    Its 6 months that I got married. For my wedding it was just the perfect catch up with my beauty product which was actually a treat to my skin, usually I applied it on my skin before my wedding days and it just made the perfect blend to my skin and suited a lot which mad my skin look flawless on my wedding day. I choose Image skincare
    Stem cell skincare products as the best product suits to every skin type as its organic and I love natural products to rejuvenate the skin beauty.
    Flawless Foundation mocha is the product which is can't-live-without'em for me.
  • Ok, super late to this game, but who DOESN'T love a wealth of knowledge like this? Seriously, this board is amazing.

    Ok, things I can't live without:

    Shimmer Lights shampoo/conditioner. It's purple and thick, but it seriously makes your hair so much blonder (the light kind, not the burnt orange you get from cheap hair lighteners) naturally. I stopped paying for highlights once I found this. It's that good. I've used it as a sort of "hair mask" before big events in the past, really brings out the highlights.

    Hibiclens surgical soap. Sounds weird, but my derm recommended it for breakouts. You can get it at the pharmacy, but w/o prescription. Anti-microbial and SUPER effective, but can't be used often. Because, you know, surgical soap.

    Also, Dior Iconic mascara. It's incredibly overpriced ($32), but smells like roses and gives you this perfect, natural and not-clumpy look. 

  • A few of my must haves are already here but are totally worth bringing up again! The Urban Decay eyeshadow primer is absolutely amazing and can even make it through a thirteen hour restaurant work day without having anything move! Their setting spray is amazing as well. Kat Von Dee concealer is an absolute miracle worker, and can cover any bruises (I'm ridiculously accident prone), red spots and even tattoos! Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara also rocks!
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