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Need Help!

My FH and I were so excited about Memory Lane for our wedding the site is beautiful and Thalia is such a sweet lady.

The only problem is that we were about to pay 6K (renting for the entire weekend) BUT we had to have our actual wedding reception end at 11PM. What?! We are paying to use the facility for an entire weekend, but we cant USE it  passed a certain hour. Our biggest reason for going there was that we thought we could party as late as we wanted.

Our families are the "never-ending party" type. For example, my cousin's wedding was at 3, cocktails after, followed by dinner and then a dance that ended at 2....then on to my aunts house for more food and whatnot.

Anyone know of any venue in Austin (or in the area) that would allow us to have the party go on until at least 1AM?

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Re: Need Help!

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    this is probably not very helpful, but..  i got married at the mercury hall.  we had the hall until 1am, but the party had to end at midnight, so the caterer could clean up and get out of there by 1am.  they also mentioned something about a noise ordinance.  we just all went to the bars downtown afterwards.  good luck!

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    I believe the reason that they make the party shut down is for noise purposes, and also rentals usually end when the next day begins. I think it is pretty standard. Maybe a hotel would be better... I can't recommend, because our shut down is at 12 too.
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    In Response to Re: Need Help!:
    I believe the reason that they make the party shut down is for noise purposes, and also rentals usually end when the next day begins. I think it is pretty standard.
    Posted by BabyBlueNTexas
    Agreed. You may do better with arranging an "after party" at someone's house or just planning on going to a bar downtown.

    Good luck!!
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    We were going to use Memory Lane as well before I got home and googled them.  There are some complaints about them out on internet boards that the noise is disturbing to the neighbors.  See the venue used to be someone's house, hence there are other houses nearby, not directly next to it, but close enough that there are a lot of complaints about the noise from weddings.  I think this is the reason they ask you to shut down early at this particular venue.  I also read some complaints from other brides who used them and then their day was interrupted by disgruntled neighbors; even one who was apparently burning trash outside right around the ceremony time.  Just some things to consider about this venue.

    We ended up going with the The Mansion which is ran by the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs and couldn't be any happier! Their pricing is for an 8 hour time block, but you can always pay for extra hours and have your reception until whatever time you'd like (or at least that was my understanding).  You should contact Mari to at least go take a tour.  The other plus we found was that they let you bring in whatever vendors you'd like and you can purchase your own beer/alcohol as long as they're served by a TABC bartender.  This helped us save tons and customize everything to what we wanted instead of what a venue required.  Their website is www.themansion.info.
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    We're not planning to have the caterers there all night or to have music blaring.

    I guess we were most upset about the part that we are renting the entire venue for 3 days and then we cant even be in that particular room past 11. The rentals dont have to be returned until we check out so I really dont see what the issue is.

    ANYWAYS...we have been looking into locations like the Palm Door. 10 hour block rental for ANY time slot you want (so if you want midnight to 10am, they'll do it!)

    Thanks for the advice ladies!!Wink
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    I can tell you with absolute certainty that its the noise issue.  Memory Lane is at the end of a mostly residential street and the neighbors hate it.  The neighbors are actually working on legislation through the state to restrict noise to a certain decibel in unincorporated ares just to try to shut the place down.

    The Morgans are wonderful people and have a great venue -- The neighbors are trying to put them out of business.  I understand your frustration but try not to be too upset with them.  They're doing everything they can.

    As far as finding a place that will allow music really late, I think you may have a hard time finding a place that doesn't mind music at 1am unless its in the middle of nowhere where there aren't any neighbors.  Undecided

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    Have you looked at the Inn at Wild Rose Hall, Winfield Inn or House on the Hill? All those places you can rent out the entire place for the weekend of the event and stay there on site...I am pretty sure that House on the Hill will let you party till whenever you want - but don't quote me on that, their policy may have changed since I looked there.
    ~ Trish Finfer

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    Thanks for all the feedback
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