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Started Booking/Inspirations??

August 6th, 2016 Vermont bride here, we'll be meeting with our prospective venue in Feb. and hopefully booking it then. I'm excited the venue is beautiful, we'll be doing the ceremony there and getting married on top of the mountain. I've been looking at some inspirations I'm pretty sure we have decided on slate, gold, and antique rose as our wedding colors!!! Have any of you started booking venues, what are some of your inspirations?

Re: Started Booking/Inspirations??

  • Mountain ceremony should give the best ceremony pictures for sure. We're thinking of doing the same! Rose, sage and gold remind me so much of summer; good luck on the planning! :)
  • Fellow August 6th bride here! I'm in Maryland. We dropped off our contract and deposit at our venue today. It's a ski resort, and we will be having our ceremony at the top of the mountain, and the wedding party will be riding the ski lift down the hill at the end of the ceremony. It's a gorgeous area. 

    Your colors sound perfect for the time of the year and the setting! We have decided on navy, white, pink, and green (not bright pink or green). Kind of a preppy route, though we don't really have a theme or anything. 
  • Hi All!

    I just stumbled upon the community boards and figured I would also post! I love how each of your colors complements perfectly with the venues chosen.

    We booked our Ohio based venue in March as well, the place has an outdoorsy rustic theme (almost old world looking with pillars/stone). My fiancé loves bright/fun colors so we going that route and doing teal/fuchsia/yellow/marigold for our wedding colors.

  • Hi all! I'm doing my wedding in a woodsy area on Lake Michigan. The wedding will be in a little old church with the reception a few minutes away at a lake front home. The house is a larger vacation home/rental, so it's not really a 'backyard reception.' I'm hoping to avoid that feel, too. I'm aiming for a casual feeling, but artistic/playful and comfortable.

    When the house was offered, I was thrilled because the sunsets are stunning. I've been struggling with color choices. Since it's very woodsy/lots of green that time of year, my fiance and I want to do shades of green as an accent color with whites and another color. For the other color: I've considered a royal/navy blue, but I thought purple would also look really good with the potential sunset during the reception. We don't want orange or pink. Other than that, thoughts?
  • Fellow August 2016 bride! I'm also getting married in Maryland. It will be a outside garden wedding with the reception in a draped tent! (Southern glam themed) I completely made that up. lol. my fiance is still unsure what it means. My wedding colors are lavender and plum with touches of white and gold! 

  • BeautyofDreams-
    I love those colors. I've been back and forth on colors a lot. I think we're doing: navy or royal blue, white, coral (accent only- and not pink...coral per fiance's request of no pink lol!). And, green won't be a color exactly, but being an outside wedding- we're looking at a lot of green in the decorations in the way of leaves, etc.
  • Thanks @thatgirl2 I love navy weddings! something about that color that always looks elegant!
  • I have a good amount done. Our venue, caterer, cake vendor are booked. I just received the contract for the ceremony backdrop today!!! I still haven't nailed down a dj. We are between 2. We will reach out to the ceremony instrumentalist in January so need to worry about that now.There is also a cake table I really, really want but the vendor is not being responsive...ughh. Anyone else made some big decisions lately?
  • We just booked our honeymoon (eeeekkk)! We used a relative's timeshare so we had to book this far out to get what we wanted.

    Anyone else?

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