Best places to take wedding photos in the South Suburbs

I am getting married July 16, 2016 and wanted to know the best spots besides Lake Katherine for wedding photos.  Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you and happy planning :)

Re: Best places to take wedding photos in the South Suburbs

  • Downtown Naperville, especially near the water or the bridge. Or some of the old shops in Frankfort- the area is beautiful and there are places with flowers, too. I used to work at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights- there's a cafe called The Bootsma Bookstore Cafe that is next to some beautiful scenery and a nice bridge as well (can you tell I personally like the bridge thing in photos?). non-Trinity couples take engagement photos there all the time. 
  • I should mention, the cafe IS open to the public. 
  • I know this is super late... but @jgrace8611 that is a great idea! I went to school there and didn't even think about it! I was looking for places to take pictures over there as well. Just not at Lake Katherine. We are getting married at St. Constantine and Helen's Greek Orthodox church on 111th and Roberts road and its right there! How about that golf course that is on the other side of the Cal Sag on Harlem?? That might be a good place too
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