Decor Help for New Venue!

Hi everyone,

I booked my September 2016 wedding at Cielo's Garden in Manitoba. It is an outdoor venue, and I was planning for simple decor of the ceremony site - some giant balloons lining the aisle, and some big fabric draped over the arch that is at the front.

They just added a new indoor ceremony site and it is incredible - they built a stone chapel. I would love to use it, but I have no idea how to do simple decor in this new space. See the photos and help!

I kind of like the swagged fabric they have, I could do without the chandelier. We are trying to keep the flower budget low, so I don't want to get into too much of that... Ideas?

Re: Decor Help for New Venue!

  • That looks amazing!  Personally I like the chandelier because we are going for a vintage vibe, but it would depend on your theme and personal taste.

    We are trying to do a low-budget wedding ourselves.  Since the space is already beautiful, I would suggest keeping it simple.  You could line the aisle with bunches of baby's breath or small storm lanterns (borrowed from relatives).  I think the windowsill would look great with white candles of various sizes, perhaps with a bouquet in the middle?  Just my first impression.  Good luck :)
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