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10th Wedding Anniversary


Myself and DH have been invited to a 10th wedding anniversary celebration. I've never been to one before so what type of gift do you bring if any?

Re: 10th Wedding Anniversary

  • MyNameIsNotMyNameIsNot Atlanta member
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    Gifts are not necessary.

    I'm a hostess gift sort of person, so I'd bring a nice bottle of wine. (Wrapped, not meant to be opened at the party.)
  • Agree.  A gift is nice, but not necessary.  A card with your sincere wishes would be a nice gesture.  If you want to give a gift and wine isn't right for the couple, I think another consumable/edible gift would work - gourmet chocolates or coffee, for example.  If you are close enough to the couple to know their tastes and habits, I might also consider something like a restaurant gift card or movie tickets, or maybe, maybe a photo frame.

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  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    A card would suffice.  You could also give a bottle of wine, a gift card to a restaurant or store they like, or something along those lines.
  • Card of congratulations.
  • A nice card should be enough. But if you really want to give them a gift, maybe a gift card to a resturant that you know that they like.
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