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Can't take photos at Venetian

So my wedding is at Caesar's but I wanted to take some pictures outside at the Venetian near the canals. My photographer told me that the Venetian is good about getting permission in advance if you contact their PR department. So I did, and after getting the run around for a bit I received an email from Elaine stating "Due to our relationship with Cashman Photography, we are unable to allow any other professional photographers on site for wedding photos."

I asked her if the policy had changed recently, and told her that it was my understanding that with advance permission, photos were okay. She said "I can say with confidence that since I started working with the company 2.5 years ago, the policy has been in effect." She went on to say that if we do try to take photos security will ask us to leave.

Just wanted to let everyone know.

Re: Can't take photos at Venetian

  • This policy has actually been in place since at least 2010 or earlier.  It's incredible how stupid it is of course.  We were going to have our reception at Venetian and would have spent about $40k, but because that would have required Cashman photography at a $5k+ price point, we never signed the contract and went elsewhere.  In hindsight, that was great, we found a far better venue, but didn't know it at the time and would have signed up if not for the photography policy.

    Anyway, if you only want a few pics, you should be fine.  I would have your photographer stay away from you as you enter the building, then meet at the location you want the pics so they can set up and start snapping quickly.  Split up, move on to the next location.  Security would have no reason to say anything to either party if you're not together, but if they see someone with a camera trailing someone in a wedding dress, they're going to know what's up and bother you.  You'll probably get asked to leave eventually but hopefully you'll get a bunch of good pics by that point.

    Oddly, they don't seem to care about photography if it doesn't involve brides; I shoot with a high end camera and lenses and have done a lot of photos around Venetian and have never been bothered, but I've heard of plenty of brides and grooms being bothered.

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  • @vegasgroom thank you for the great advice! We really just want a few snaps by the canals so it sounds like it should be feasible to do. 
  • We took photos at the Venetian in January this year. I must admit, it never occurred to me that there would be an issue, so I never asked. We had no problems with security and the only place we were chased out of was the entrance to a restaurant (which was probably fair enough). We were there for about 40 minutes and got some absolutely gorgeous shots. Perhaps the fact that it was a weekday in winter meant they were less bothered?
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