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Last minute tasks

With 25 days left (!!!), I am finally down to all those last minute tasks.  So far I need to finish his side of the seating chart, finish tying bows on the program fans, finish our unity puzzle, and pack for the honeymoon!  What are your last minute must-do's?

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    We're at 32 days! FI is out of town August 16-23 and 28-31, so we're pretty much finalizing everything this week so that I am not running around with my head cut off while he is gone.

    To be honest we're pretty much done. This past weekend we finalized music, wrote our thank you speech, did our day of timeline, did our photographers day of questionnaire, made several 'Lists' (the wedding is in our home town so we needed a 'To Pack' list a 'to bring for Decorating' list, a 'honeymoon list' etc. This week we are finalizing seating chart. And making a honeymoon daily itinerary (got to make sure we see everything we want to see!) and then we are pretty much done besides actual packing.

    I have my final dress fitting in two weeks. My Parent's are waiting to pick up booze for us until it comes on sale. 

    Yea... I can't believe how close we are and how little we have left to do!
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  • Our you delivering your thank you speech?  If so, when are you fitting this in during your reception? Who do you share the day of timeline with?

    Our you delivering your thank you speech?  If so, when are you fitting this in during your reception? Who do you share the day of timeline with?

    Yes, we will be giving our thank you speech once we are announced by the DJ at the beginning of the reception.  Another option would be as dinner ends and right before the dancing begins, or right before/after the toasts.

    The timeline has been given to the caterer, day-of coordinator, videographer, DJ, Photographer, venue managers, the parents/grandparents, ushers/book attendants, and of course the bridal party and the officiant.   Basically any vendors or people who have some part helping in your day will get one. 

  • I like the idea of giving the speech after you are announced.  That really sets the tone, as it is the first time you really greet your guests.  Are you having a receiving line?  I am outdoors and was not planning to have one, just let the guests move into the tent for cocktail hour and we go off for pictures.  Receiving line seems a bit old fashioned, and I am not hearing many brides having them any more. 
  • We are having one, but it will just be the groom and myself.  We are also outdoors.  I have been to several weddings lately.  One, also outdoors, had a receiving line.  We are also making table visits, however it is really important to me that I get to greet each of my guests individually and thank them for coming.  You cannot guarantee while making table visits that every guest will be in their seat.  Almost half the guest list is traveling 2 1/2 hours to our wedding, and I would feel horrible if I missed someone.  Basically, there is a path that leads to our ceremony site.  After the ceremony, we will be standing at the end of that path as the guests file through.  It will be quick, but it will ensure we get to say hello to everyone. 
  • That gives me some good ideas.  Thanks for sharing and best wishes!
  • No problem @Knottie39405871 !  Same to you, and good luck with your planning!
  • Oh man I'm just realizing how much I still have to do!
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  • Oh man I'm just realizing how much I still have to do!
    Well, you still have a month left.  You've got this!!!
  • Right now I'm at a bit of a standstill til my RSVP date, which is in a week.  There are still A LOT of people left to respond.  So, until I have the final count I can't make escort cards, table numbers, or buy the liquor/beer.  

    We also still need to finalize our music, and come up with a photo list for the photographer.  Also need to finish buying jars for my favors (which is just trailmix in jars, so it'll be easy to put together).  

    I'm sure there's more but I figure I still have plenty of time.  
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    I'm with you @julianne912. At the moment I am mostly waiting on RSVP's. I have gotten several, but until I get the final head count I can't really do much else. The most frustrating RSVP's (IMO) are family members. A lot of my family has already RSVP'ed, but I haven't heard a word from anyone in FI's family. Argh!

    Other than that, I need to finalize music and make a weekend timeline.

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    @becklertobe All of our RSVPs were in two weeks ago...and thankfully there were no issues on FI's side.  My family I can chase down when needed, some of his I've never even met!  So I was definitely glad all his came in quickly.
  • I feel like I still have so much to do...
    We are currently working on our music list and writing our vows.
    Once our vows our done we still need to have another meeting with our JP to go over the ceremony script.
    We need to buy pretty much everything for our candy buffet.
    We need to come up with a more set day before/rehearsal schedule and wedding day schedule.
    And once we get in our rsvps we need to make our seating chart and get in contact with our caterer to finalize the numbers.

  • I'm down to 28 days and all I have left to do is get the mixers and garnishes for the bar, send last $100 to my officiant, finish these little kits I'm making for my bridesmaids, make this giant pic frame for a pic prop, and pack for my honeymoon... come Sept 1st I plan on being kicked back on easy street just waiting on my day!
  • 10 days to go!  We are doing our Wedding Party Gifts and I am getting my binder ready for our Wedding Day Coordinator.  Next Tuesday starts all the fun with guest coming from out of town.  Working on the hotel guest bags to drop off next Monday.

    Exciting days ahead.
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    18 days!

    We're pretty much ready to go.

    I had my final dress fitting on the weekend and that was really the last thing I was waiting on.

    I have a draft of the seating chart done up, just need to 'press print' but I am holding off for any last minute changes

    Need to wash and iron FI's dress shirt, but that will be done closer too the date.

    Need to attach my vows to some cardstock or something instead of flimsy paper.

    And honestly thats about it. We are sitting pretty now!

    Now just to figure out packing! We're going to our hometown (where the wedding is) a week before the wedding, and then we are immediately going on our honeymoon following the wedding. So we need a lot of clothes, and several suitcases that we can re-arrange. (we're only doing carry on for the honeymoon, so we need to bring an extra suitcase to leave all our extra clothes and toiltries that we aren't bringing on the honeymoon in our car)
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